Chrissy Teigen's Latest Tribute To Her Dog Puddy Will Break Fans' Hearts All Over Again — PHOTO

If you've been following along with the daily updates of Chrissy Teigen's life on Twitter, you likely know she recently has been going through a bit of a rough time. As she announced last Wednesday, Teigen's beloved dog, Puddy, passed away. Fans were plenty familiar with the English bulldog, who frequently appeared on the cookbook author's Snapchat and Instagram accounts. Almost a week later on Tuesday, March 13, Teigen shared another photo of Puddy, along with a heart-wrenching message to her recently departed pooch.

With a throwback photo of the pup, she wrote,

Welp, that caption will knock you right out of your desk chair and into a puddle of your own tears. What a devastating and relatable meditation on mortality, loss, and the unconditional love that humans have for their pets. Not only that, but it highlights how grief really can come in waves or when you may least expect it. And just when you're like, "I can't handle anything else, all of this is way too sad," you see this picture of young Puddy.

In an incredibly affecting Instagram post that went up on Wednesday, March 7, Teigen announced that Puddy died earlier that day. Along with a gallery of images, she wrote,

After Puddy died, Teigen coped with the loss accordingly. She uploaded some sweet pictures and videos of Puddy hanging out with Luna back when Teigen and Legend's daughter was a tiny baby. She posted a portrait of Puddy in a flower crown. She uploaded a picture that she took with Puddy back in 2008. She shared a video of Puddy remaining stonefaced as she kissed the top of his head. She posted a photo of Puddy and Pippa in their wedding day finest. And she jokingly called out any of her friends who dared to post anything happy on Instagram while she was struck by grief. Every last bit made for a wonderful tribute to the beloved dog.

As fans may recall, back in November 2017, Puddy was rushed to the emergency vet after experiencing heart failure caused by a tumor. A few days later, he pulled through. On Nov. 14, she posted a video of Puddy smiling and still wearing his animal hospital bracelet. “My BABY IS BACK!!!!!!!” she tweeted. “Bulldog you made me cry harder than any other living being ever has. My old man monster I love you.”

Man, who else feels like spending the rest of the night weeping into a throw pillow? These tributes are beyond heartbreaking, and anyone else who has lost a pet can likely relate.