Chrissy Teigen Posted A New Video Of Luna Expressing Her Strong Opinions About Girls & Boys

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let Luna Stephens explain the difference between girls and boys. In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, June 4, Chrissy Teigen shared a video of Luna talking about girls and boys. In the clip, Luna — daughter of Teigen and musician John Legend, real name John Stephens — lounges in an oversized airplane seat as a Sesame Street blanket comfortably drapes over her little legs. The 3-year-old then explained that “boys are cute” while girls are “beautiful." Teigen’s newest video with daughter Luna begins with her telling the tot, “I think you’re cute.” As she munches on some snacks, Luna responded with an adamant, “No, I’m not. I’m not cute ever!” Luna then replies “I’m beautiful” when Teigen inquired, “So what are you then?”

Legend, as well as Teigen’s mom Vilailuck Teigen, are also heard in the adorable Instagram video. In the clip, Legend asks his daughter, ‘You think boys are cute?” Luna then responded with a, “Yeah, boys are cute.” Later in the video, Teigen asks Luna about her younger brother Miles, whom she welcomed with Legend in May 2018. When asked if Miles was beautiful, big sister Luna responded with a “No.” She later elaborated on baby brother Miles with, “He’s cute.”

As the video progresses, Legend laments to his daughter, “I think boys and girls can both be beautiful.” Luna then simply replies with a “No.” She said what she said!

Luna, globetrotting tot extraordinaire, is currently on vacation in Europe with mom Chrissy, dad John, grandma Vilailuck, and baby brother Miles. On Monday, June 3, Teigen took to Instagram to share the family’s first vacation snapshot from Paris, France. In the family photo, baby Miles can be seen in his stroller as Luna flashes a smile for the camera. Teigen simply captioned the shot, “bonjour!”

Luna’s compelling analysis of girls and boys comes on the heels of another captivating video from the family’s first day of vacation. Just yesterday, Teigen shared a video of Luna negotiating a candy deal in a candy courtroom scenario. In a two-part video, Teigen and her daughter prove they’re both Rachel Zane-courtroom ready as they broker a deal on how much candy Luna could consume. Equipped with a fake gravel, Teigen called the court to order. She said to Luna, “I now call to order the meeting of the candy. First off, Luna, I would like you to speak. Tell me about why you deserve the candy." Luna then responded with a very compelling, "I want the candy because I want it and I like it."

In the video, Teigen laid out the conditions of receiving the candy. She asked the tot, “Are you going to be good?", "Are you going to not scream during your sleep?", and "Do you promise?" Following the questioning, the two reached a settlement of two candy pieces.

Luna certainly appears to be living her best European vacation life. In an Instagram Story posted prior to her musings about girls and boys, Luna can be seen sharing a strand of noodle with dad Legend — Lady and the Tramp style and all. Aw. Stay cute, Luna. Oops, I mean, stay beautiful.