Chrissy Teigen's Latest Videos Of Luna Show Her Daughter Is Already A Pro At Negotiating

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Court is in session. Well, at least for the Teigen-Legend family. Chrissy Teigen posted two new videos of Luna on Instagram on Monday in which the 3-year-old showed off her candy negotiating skills. While vacationing in Paris as a family, the mother-daughter duo had a serious discussion in a courtroom-manner over how much candy Luna deserved. Let's just say it's the cutest fake courtroom negotiation ever. Plus, Luna definitely knows how to get what she wants.

As you can watch in the videos below, the Lip Sync Battle star began by declaring,

"I now call to order the meeting of the candy. First off, Luna, I would like you to speak. Tell me about why you deserve the candy."

In her sweet voice, Luna said (like most anyone would),

"I want the candy because I want it and I like it."

Right then and there Luna is a winner. The perfect argument, right? Well, Teigen made her daughter work for the candy and responded, "Well, I need a really good reason as to why you need the candy." Luna's answer? "Uh, I like it." Again, she should have just been given the candy at that moment, but the Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author wanted a more meaningful reply. She asked Luna, "What are you going to do if I give you the candy?"

And like the perfect tiny person she is, Luna responded,

"Eat it."

Yes, Luna. Yes. However, that's not the answer Teigen was looking for. She explained to her eldest child by asking three important questions. The first: "No, I mean are you going to be good?" The second: "Are you going to not scream during your sleep?" The third: "Do you promise?" Luna said "yeah" to all three, before adding, "I promise I won't scream."

After Luna made the big promise, they got into the "negotiations." After being prompted by John Legend, Teigen asked Luna, "How many pieces of candy? I say one. What do you say?" She answered, "I say like this," while holding up three fingers.

Oh yeah, Luna wasn't just going to give in and accept only one single piece of candy. Teigen asked back, "What about one?" Luna then answered definitely,

"No, I want three."

See? Teigen wasn't going to win this argument, so she bumped up her candy pieces to two. To that, Luna accepted. She's already a professional when it comes to negotiations, isn't she? Like Teigen captioned her second video, "we have reached a settlement." Who else is seriously impressed with Luna? Even Legend commented on his wife's Instagram, "I'm amazed."

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram (screenshot)

Luna just might be destined for the courtroom, like her mom. If you didn't know, Teigen's starring in a mobile comedy courtroom show for Quibi called Chrissy's Court. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tiegen will serve as "judge" over small but real-life claims cases. Yes, the plaintiffs, defendants, and disputes will be real. If that isn't exciting enough, her mom, Vilailuck "Pepper Thai" Teigen will take on the role of "bailiff." This already sounds like an award-winning series.

Clearly, Teigen was practicing by holding "candy court" with Luna. Based on their videos, they're both basically experts at negotiating the important things in life, like candy.