Chrissy Teigen Has No Patience For Donald Trump's COVID-19 Test Complaints

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Donald Trump may think that getting tested for coronavirus is painful, but one of his top critics is here to remind him that a test is nothing compared to what women go through to literally keep the human race alive. Chrissy Teigen reacted to Donald Trump's coronavirus test complaint by graphically describing her labor pains and postpartum health she experienced with her first child, Luna. And, in typical Teigen fashion, her response is utterly epic, and definitely errs on the side of TMI.

When Twitter user Sarah Thrye criticized Trump for complaining about the pain of "a swab" going up his nose, as part of coronavirus testing, Teigen immediately agreed by very explicitly describing what true pain feels like. "My vagina was ripped to my asshole giving birth to Luna," she wrote. "I had a vagasshole. F*ck your swab pain."

She went into even more detail in her next tweet. "They had to put a garbage bag at the end of the bed to collect my blood before stitching me up, where I then had to pee using a water bottle as a pain fountain for 3 months," she said. "So yeah. The swab, I bet it’s super rough."

When another fan responded to Teigen's tweet saying that Luna's birth photo has a whole new meaning now, she confirmed that she was indeed suffering while taking that otherwise special photo. "Yep I had one giant vagasshole here," she said. And with that, Teigen officially invented a new word that literally should never have to be used again.

On Mar. 22, while speaking at a press conference, Trump said that the coronavirus test is "not a lot of fun to take," despite the U.S. having many people who need to be tested but cannot be due to a shortage of tests. "It doesn't go all the way up and hangs right under your eye," he said. "It's a tough test." Vice President Mike Pence, who was also tested, agreed with Trump's sentiment. "The test was very quick, but it goes a fair amount up into your sinuses and it's not comfortable," he described. "It was kind of invasive."

Of course, this is not the first time that Trump and Teigen have gone head-to-head. Teigen has been one of Trump's most prominent critics (or self-described troll) even before his presidency, dating back to 2011, and Twitter is all the better for it. He even blocked her on the platform when Teigen tweeted "lol no one likes you" at Trump back in 2017.

In September 2019, when Trump called her John Legend's "filthy mouthed wife" on Twitter (and tagged only Legend, not her), she took it in stride and coined a new nickname for him as well. "Lol what a p*ssy ass bitch," she wrote. "Tagged everyone but me. An honor, mister president." May Teigen roast Trump forevermore.

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