Chrissy Teigen's Video Struggling To Get A Perfect Group Photo Will Make You Feel Seen

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2019, most of us have mastered the art of taking a selfie alone or with one or two friends, but when a group gets involved, forget it. And apparently, not even celebrities are immune when it comes to this issue. On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian struggled to take a group selfie in the most hilarious way. And the video that Teigen ended up posting of what happened when they made their attempt is too relatable to anyone who's ever tried to take one of these photos with more than two people in it.

It seems like the selfie took place at Kim Kardashian's baby shower. The theme was CBD everything, and there was sound bath meditation. The whole thing seemed really relaxing, but the group selfie was anything but. In the video, Teigen and Kardashian are posing along with their famous friends Stephanie Shepherd and Jen Atkin, but after they think they've taken the photo, they realize it was actually a video — and because of that fact, fans get to watch it all unfold.

Atkin, who's holding the camera, pulls it away, saying, "Did it take?" before realizing that it did not, in fact, take, muttering, "Oh, f*ck." Honestly, who hasn't been there?

"In all these years I have 1 million videos exactly like this and zero photos of us," Teigen wrote.

But wait, there's more. On Shepherd's page, she shares yet another attempt they made that goes very similarly — yet another video where Atkin realizes that the photo didn't take and another F-bomb gets dropped.

"Did it work? Did it take?" she asks before realizing, "Oh, it's recording, f*ck."

"I remember my first time using a camera too," Shepherd wrote when she posted this version of the video.

And of course, Atkin had a comeback prepared, commenting, "ITS A NEW CAMERA!!!"


But eventually, everything worked out, and Atkin posted the finished product on her Instagram. The resulting photo turned out beautifully, showing that with enough attempts, the group selfie can be done, even if it's a bit of a challenge making it happen.

"I have no doubt @kimkardashian will be an amazing mom of 4 bc she got the 4 of us to hold still + be quiet for 30 whole mins for a sound bath," Atkin wrote.

The selfie struggle can be so real at times, but in the end, it's always worth it to have those memories (and a gorgeous new Instagram post, TBH) with friends.

Teigen is known for giving her followers a solid dose of reality on her Instagram, and this time was no different. Seeing the beautiful photos that show up on our social media feeds make it easy to forget that what we're seeing is often a highlight reel. But sometimes a little reminder that even celebrities struggle with mastering the perfect selfie like this one is exactly what everyone needs. Who among us hasn't cussed at our front-facing camera a time or two?