Christian Louboutin Baby Shoes Are In The Making, & They're Adorable AF

by Melanie Richtman

Remember back in the nineties when babies wore harem pants and mixed prints? Well boy have times changed. While most of us were wearing velcro, light up sneakers, kids these days get to wear Christian Louboutins. Yeah, that's right, Christian Louboutin baby shoes are happening, and they are cute AF.

Christian Louboutin partnered with Gwenyth Paltrow's Goop to create a collection of baby shoes that will be released in November exclusively on and in a few Goop pop up shops in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The baby shoe collection, which is aptly named the Loubibaby collection, consists of four pint-sized pairs of mary janes in pink, red, blue, and gold, all with Christian Louboutin's signature red sole, of course. At $250, these might be one of the most expensive pairs of baby shoes around.

Naturally, these Christian Louboutin baby shoes are incredibly adorable, and you can bet that the children of your favorite celebs will be rocking these ASAP. North West probably has a pair in her closet already, if we're being honest. Sure, they're a tad excessive considering kids will probably outgrow these mary janes in a few months, but that won't stop Christian Louboutin's first attempt at baby shoes from selling out immediately.

They are quite adorable though. But let's be honest, all baby shoes are adorable.

Baby Louboutins aren't the first designer baby product to cost a pretty penny, and they definitely won't be the last. There are plenty of other extravagant baby products out there that are just as cute.

This Burberry Baby Dress

Washed Check Cotton Dress, $175,

With it's matching bloomers? So cute. Maybe you could rationalize spending $175 on a baby dress by saying you'll save it as hand-me-downs for your future children.

This Fendi Baby Dress

Pink Poplin Dress, $260,

Omg, could this little dress be any cuter? What is that fabric? Do they make this in adult sizes? Kids get the cutest clothes and they don't even appreciate them.

These Baby Ugg Boots

Caden Boots, $60,

These baby boots are a fraction of the cost of the Christian Louboutin baby shoes, but they're still a pretty expensive pair of shoes for a baby.

This Quilted Burberry Jacket

Burberry Boys Colin Quilted Jacket, $185,

Why are baby clothes so cute? This light blue quilted jacket is so freaking adorable, you can practically see Prince George wearing it. I'm sure it wouldn't be as cute in grown up sizes, but a girl can dream. It's not even like it's anything that special, it's just miniature, and everything miniature is adorable.

This Kate Spade Legging Set

Girls' Cherry Sweatshirt & Leggings Set, $65,

How nice would it be to buy premade outfits as an adult? Kids have it easy. Adults are busy, and we could use premade outfits, especially for busy mornings. This Kate Spade leggings set with a cherry tee isn't too terribly expensive for designer baby things, at least in comparison to the $250 baby Louboutins. Actually, the baby Louboutins would look great with this Kate Spade outfit.

This Trendy Velvet Armani Dress

Armani Junior Girls' Velvet Drop-Waist Dress, $145,

Not only would any baby in this velvet dress be the trendiest baby in the room, but this dress would pair great with the baby Louboutins.

This Canada Goose Baby Parka

Canada Baby Unisex Reese Parka, $275,

You could buy a parka for an adult for this price, and a good parka that will keep you warm in -20 degree weather at that. However, winter jackets for your baby are definitely worth the investment if you live in a cold climate. But still, $275 is a lot for baby clothes.