Christina Aguilera's Unicorn Horn Hair Is The Definition Of Astounding

priscillavalles/ Instagram

If you thought your Halloween costume was clever this year, just wait until you see Xtina's getup. Christina Aguilera dressed up as a unicorn for the holiday, but her DIY costume is like something you have never seen before. While the majority of people would either buy a horn from Party City or fashion one out of Styrofoam, the pop queen made a rainbow colored horn out of her own hair. You read that right. She skipped the store-bought unicorn accessories and just made her own using the locks she had on her head.

And it's so much more extra than you're even imagining.

Unicorns have been in style for years now, with their glittery magic showing up in everything from our face highlighters to our frappuccinos. So having a celeb dress up as one for Halloween isn't too shocking of a concept. But Aguilera took that idea and elevated it to completely new heights with her hair DIY.

She enlisted the help of extension master Priscilla Valles and hairstylist Etienne Ortega to concoct this masterpiece. Rocking purple, pink, blonde, and seafoam green strands, the two got busy throwing her hair into varying kinds of braids. Taking those dutch and fishtail plaits, the duo wrapped them together and created a massive horn on top of Aguilera's head, turning her hair into pure whimsy.

The rest of her hair was swept back and crimped into a bushy ponytail, which easily resembled a horse's mane. But the fantasy didn't end there. She also had a liberal amount of purple body glitter on and tied the look together with a highly pigmented magenta and purple smoky eye. Xtina clearly won Halloween because there is just no comparison to how amazing this was.

But to be honest, this is just one mind-boggling costume in a lineup of many. Aguilera is known for her roster of Halloween looks. Just take a look at what she went as in the past.

1. Goth Princess

Dressed up in a black tiara, vampy makeup, and a sheer, black dress that had faint Victorian-throwback vibes, Aguilera pulled off the goth princess look to a T.

2. Sally From Nightmare Before Christmas

Rocking the iconic patchwork dress and flaming red hair, Aguilera transforms herself into Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Props on the flawless body paint as well — she got those stitches down!

3. Corpse Bride

Donning a dress splattered with blood and ripped at the seems, Aguilera transforms herself into a glamorous corpse bride. Just look at that vampy makeup. She looks like she walked straight off of an Old Hollywood black-and-white movie.

4. Corpse Red Riding Hood

Giving the fairy tale a twist, she puts on white face paint to turn herself into an undead version of Little Red Riding Hood. The big, bad wolf isn't the scary one anymore.

5. 1700 Babe

Looking like she came straight from Marie Antoinette's court, Aguilera rocked an elaborate 1700s-era wig and corset. With bright pink cheeks and lacy umbrella to match, you definitely get a sense of Paris 300 years back.

6. Corpse Bride Part II

This time sporting a candy pink wig and a bridal bouquet, Aguilera imitates an undead bride that met a terrible fate. Just notice the stitch marks around her neck and lips, and you'll know her walk down the aisle wasn't ideal.

7. Spooky Skeleton

Trick-or-treating with her son, Aguilera dressed up as a skeleton to match her kiddo. It's simple, but classic.

Whether she's a bride looking for revenge or a magical unicorn, Xtina seems to slay Halloween every year. Here's to watch she whips up in 2018!