Christmas Wreath Eye Makeup Is Here & It's Actually Wearable

When it comes to holiday makeup, odds are you're familiar with a classic red lip or painted nails. Well, one makeup artist is going above and beyond when it comes to holiday cheer. As Allure found, Ashley Strong created eye wreath eyeshadow that's going viral for the best reason. It might sound bizarre, but this look is actually pretty wearable. And it's not the only look on her page that you'll want to recreate, either.

Forget everything you know about holiday makeup tutorials because this one is the best one yet. Strong uses trends and a little creativity to make eyeshadow creations like you've never seen before. Her Christmas wreath eye tutorial is what caught the internet's eye. Using a cut crease, holiday colors, and a little creativity, Strong put together the ultimate holiday wreath — no hot glue gun needed.

The look feature green eyeshadow built up and blended out to look like the wreath foundation. After that, she adds a little bit of glitter and red and white ornaments into the mix to really take the spirit of the season over the top.

The best part is that it's super wearable. This will instantly be the hit of any holiday party, but you could easily wear it to do your holiday shopping as well. There's no better way to serve a little bit of holiday cheer.

Strong paired the look with a fluffy white jacket and gorgeous gold earrings to really tie together the entire look. What I love best is that she went for a more wearable lipstick, rather than the traditional red. The full-face look says "I'm here to party," but in the most sophisticated way.

You probably already have everything you need to get the look, too. According to her Instagram post, Strong used a few shades of green shadow, a little bit of lash glue to hold the glitter in place, red lipstick for the ornaments, and some white liner for embellishments. This makeup artist makes it look so easy.

While Strong does have her own YouTube channel, she didn't post a full video on the site. Instead, she took to Instagram to show off the festive look. Here's a look into how she created the holiday shadows, just in case you're looking to do the same.

While this makeup creation no-doubt took longer than the 60-second video makes it seem, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate. Lucky for you, there's enough time between now and the holiday to get your wreath just right.

This isn't the only festive tutorial that Strong has shown off on Instagram. She followed up the Christmas wreath eye look with something even bigger and better — a full face of winter wonderland. Instead of wreaths, she opted for another classic holiday icon.

Strong make her entire eyelid into a shimmery, black and silver snowflake. While this one is a little bit harder to achieve, it's definitely worth spending some time on. She even went over-the-top by adding falling snow to the background of her lid.

Good luck deciding which one you like more.

How's that for breaking up the traditional eye makeup looks of the season? Strong's ability to combine some of the best makeup trends with quirky designs is the gift that keeps on giving. If nothing else, you'll have gorgeous eyeshadow to gawk over all season long.

This is just the beginning of incredible eyeshadow creations from Strong. She has everything from transparent cut creases to outlined winged liner on her page. There's no telling what she'll create, but one thing's for sure — you won't see it anywhere else.