This Restocked Dress Sold Out 8 Times Already & It Has Major 'Little Women' Vibes

While August might be dwindling down to a close, summer is nowhere near over. Boots and cuddly knits might be popping up on your Instagram, there are still plenty more weeks left to wear summer dresses. One summer dress in particular has influencers in a frenzy, where Christy Dawn's The Dahlia Dress sold out a whopping eight times. Each colorway of the maxi sold out within just a day of being released. The dress is now back in stock, giving you one more chance to snap it up.

At first glance, it's easy to see why The Dahlia Dress has flown off the shelves so quickly. It's the epitome of a summer dress. Long, comfortable, and covered in Little Women vibes, you can wear it all week long without getting bored of it.

The dress borrows the silhouette of Christy Dawn's signature Dawn Dress, which is one of the most popular frocks in the brand's lineup. The midi Dawn dress has a plunging neckline, drawstring waist, and full skirt. It has short sleeves that hit mid-arm, and the bodice has a "wrap dress" effect without actually being a wrap dress.

The Dahlia Dress takes that silhouette, but then upgrades it with the addition of elastic puff sleeves. The dress came in 10 different prints, but not all of them have been restocked. The ones that have been replenished are the Cornflower Picnic dress, the Mauve Stripe look, and the Summertime Plaid option.

The Cornflower Picnic print is a cornflower blue and white gingham dress. It looks like the perfect dress to wear to a farmer's market or read a book in your garden.

The Mauve Stripe option is a delicate white dress with thick mauve stripes and thinner pale yellow stripes. Wear it to a friend's backyard party or while catching up with a friend over coffee.

The Summertime Plaid print is a white dress with a plaid design that comes in yellow, green, and purple hues. It's perfect for a picnic or to wear while getting brunch with pals.

Christy Dawn’s dresses are typically made in very limited quantities since the brand exclusively uses deadstock fabric in order to promote sustainable fashion. That's part of the reason why these dresses sell out so quickly.

"After learning that America sends over 11 million tons of textiles to landfills each year, I was determined to create a sustainable and ethical fashion line that would minimize our environmental footprint," Christy Peterson, the designer of Christy Dawn, shared with Bustle. "Routinely, manufacturers buy 10% extra fabric. However, that 10% adds up quickly when it’s for every style in a collection; some brands have more than three dozen styles in a seasonal collection. The extra fabric is referred to as deadstock and we use these fabrics before they are thrown away."

Peterson snaps up that deadstock and creates beautiful, vintage-inspired designs like The Dahlia Dress. However, to keep up with the demand for The Dahlia Dress, the brand increased its available stock. The dress has been produced in quantities of up to 125 (when usually only 30 to 40 dresses are made,) but there is no guarantee over how long it will stay available. Pick up the puffy-sleeved frock while you can!