Chuck Pushes Jimmy One Step Closer To 'Saul'

Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

There's nothing worse than seeing someone you resent being proven right. But that's exactly what happens during the April 17 episode, "Witness," when Jimmy destroys the tape of his confession on Better Call Saul. Jimmy hadn't known that when he told his brother that he transposed the numbers on the Mesa Verde files that Chuck had been recording him. While the tape on its own wouldn't have stood up in a court of law, Chuck knows that having a witness be present when Jimmy destroys it would be. So he successfully created a master plan that plays out like a dream for Chuck, but is just the beginning of a nightmare for Jimmy in the second episode of Season 3.

I can't stand Chuck and part of that is because he shows that he's more ruthless and conniving than Jimmy is in "Witness." As Chuck continues his plan of destroying Jimmy, he's willfully working under the delusion that his intentions are pure and ethical since his brother broke the law. Chuck is pretending he's simply just trying to uphold that law, but what he's really pursuing is not justice, it's revenge to serve his personal vendetta against his younger brother who was never as serious, hardworking, or devoted as him, but somehow always still lands on top. For his lifelong revenge plan, Chuck uses all the resources at his disposal in "Witness" — money from HHM for investigators, master manipulation tactics, and a keen understanding of the law and his brother.

Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Unfortunately for Jimmy fans (and who isn't one if you're watching Better Call Saul?), Chuck's revenge mission goes according to plan. Ernie predictably speaks to Kim to tell her of the existence of the tape, and then Kim tells Jimmy as his lawyer. As always, Kim is levelheaded in her response and after getting some advice from her old criminal procedure professor, tells Jimmy that they need to wait and see what Chuck's next move is. Instead, in a moment that echoes Chuck and Jimmy gently removing the foil in the previous episode, Jimmy lashes out in anger by ripping off his painter's tape. Then he breaks into Chuck's house and destroys the tape — unaware that a private investigator and Howard are in the other room and now witnesses to the whole scene.

Considering the teasers for Season 3 of Better Call Saul show Jimmy getting arrested, it's safe to assume that these witnesses in "Witness" will lead to Chuck getting what he wants — his brother behind bars for breaking the law and an even greater sense of superiority. And eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Jimmy is wearing the same outfit in the April 17 episode as he is in those teasers that show him being booked and getting his mugshot taken.

While I'm not particularly anxious about when Jimmy will evolve into Saul, getting arrested and potentially losing his new law firm because of his brother would certainly be a good impetus. So in a bizarre way, Chuck getting what he wants — his brother ruined — most likely will lead directly to what many fans want — Jimmy McGill becoming Saul Goodman.