Bugles Just Came Out With A Churros Flavor That Is A Childhood Dream Come True

Who didn't love playing with (and eating) their Bugles growing up? If you didn't stick a bunch of them on your fingers and pretend to be a witch, did you actually live in the '90s at all? It turns out, though, that this is the nostalgic gift that keeps on giving. The post-lunchtime snack staple is as delicious as ever in 2018, especially with the addition of their brand-new churro Bugles flavor.

According to the food bloggers of Junk Banter, who were lucky enough to try the new Bugles, the treats were dusted to perfection with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. "There’s a nice dusting of cinnamon & sugar on these finger hats — as to be expected. It’s not something on the level of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (God, what is?) but the sugary and spice give these a lot of flavor on the surface," they wrote in their review.

So if these Bugles are so delicious, why haven't you seen them yet? Turns out these Bugles are limited edition and only available at 7-Eleven, according to Delish. Make sure you visit your local 7-Eleven ASAP before these treats sell out because you seriously do not want to miss out on these babies.

This fresh new spin on the classic chips (are Bugles chips? Now that is the real debate here, but, I digress...) isn't the first ~churro-licious~ mash-up to bless our lives — and our Instagrams — in recent times.

From magical churros at Disney to cookie-hybrid churros, there are so many churro-inspired treats to choose from. Scroll below for even more amazing churro concoctions to leave your mouth watering:

Decked-Out Mega Churros from LA's The Loop

The Loop, a handcrafted churro joint in Los Angeles, is known for bringing out all the stops in order to create the most wildly delicious churros in all the land. From rose gold editions to ones filled to the brim with candies and sprinkles, the Loop knows no limit when it comes to toppings and extras — check out their Insta and see for yourself.

Oreo Churros

What do you get when you mix the decadent flavors of cookies and cream with the churro? Alas, the Oreo Churro was born. The best part? You can buy these ten-inch-long treats in the grocery store, so no judgement for staying on the couch all night and eating these for dinner.

Disney's Spicy Caliente Churro

Disneyland's Spicy Caliente churros are the latest (and greatest) edition to the menu at Señor Buzz Churros stand. Jenny Flake of the @disneyhungry Instagram account says the spicy-sweet treat "tastes like sweet and spicy Red Hots," and I couldn't be more excited to try it — orange-dusted hands and all.

SmashMallow Cinnamon Churro Marshmallows

These churro-flavored marshmallows make for the ideal on-the-go treat, so feel free to store 'em right in your desk so you're all set when that 4 p.m. Monday slump hits you. They're described on Target's website as "a perfect puff of goodness" and a "sprinkling of fun and a carnival of yum." I couldn't agree more, and the fact that there are churro marshmallows out there means my life is complete.

Museum of Ice Cream Churro Churro Pint

The Museum of Ice Cream is known for their Instagrammable exhibits as well as their to-die-for ice creams. The pint itself is gorgeous, but it's what's on the inside that's even more beautiful: cinnamon-flavored ice cream packed with chunks of real churros. What better treat is there to celebrate summer while also beating the heat?!

Churro-Flavored Coffee

Make your mornings sweeter with churro-flavored coffee. According to its website, the coffee tastes like warm, fried donuts doused in cinnamon sugar...and who wouldn't want to drink that all up? So bid adieu to Monday Blues (sorry, not sorry) in delicious fashion.

Whichever churro-themed snack you choose to munch on (or slurp down) first, I guarantee you can't go wrong. Happy churro eating, folks!