Cisco Embraces His Vibe Powers On 'The Flash'

Diyah Pera/The CW

Cisco learned more about his vibe powers on The Flash in "Dead or Alive," after he challenged a meta to trial by combat. (Yes, he did that.) When a meta bounty hunter (or "collector" as she was called), Gypsy, arrives on Earth-1 to bring H.R. Wells back to Earth-19, Cisco decides he's going to protect H.R. at all costs. And, per Earth-19 custom, that means challenging Gypsy to a trial by combat...to the death. And so, Cisco embraced his vibe powers on The Flash and saved H.R., all without much help from Barry.

It turns out H.R. hasn't been entirely honest with Team Flash. The entire time he's been there, he has been sending chapters of a new book back to Earth-19, one about their adventures, but with himself as the hero. Not only that, but he's also technically a fugitive from his Earth, where multiverse travels were banned and deemed punishable by death. As a result of his communications for his book, Gypsy tracked him to Earth-1, and she will stop at nothing to bring him back. When Cisco challenges her to a fight to the death, she accepts without hesitation. A lot like Cisco, Gypsy also has vibe powers — she can create portals to travel between Earths, and can create energy fields, like Cisco. The only difference is that she's had years to master her powers, and Cisco is still new at it.

Cisco trained with Julian, Barry, H.R., and Caitlin, but it wasn't looking good, until Julian pointed out a flaw in Gypsy's strategy. By embracing his vibe powers and using Julian's tip, Cisco was not only able to beat Gypsy, he became a superhero. Of course, Cisco opted not to kill Gypsy, and she returned to her Earth without H.R. on one condition: H.R. can never return to Earth-19. She'll let him stay on Earth-1, and let him live, but only if she can return home and say that she killed him.

Just because Cisco took control of his vibe powers doesn't mean he'll be suiting up and going into battle with Flash and Kid Flash any time soon. However, there's no question that Barry's going to need all the help he can get to save Iris, so I don't think it's crazy to say this isn't the last we've seen of Vibe.