Taylor Swift’s “LWYMMD" Director Riled Up The Beyhive & There’s No Way It Was Worth It

by Stephanie Downs
Taylor Swift VEVO/YouTube

When Taylor Swift released her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, Swift's new look had people doing a double take. Some people thought that Swift was copying Beyoncé in the music video, particularly in the scene where she wears all black and is surrounded by backup dancers. Now, Swift's music video director, Joseph Kahn, has tried to make light of the allegations, but it didn't really work out in his favor.

When speaking to the Los Angeles Times about his new film, Bodied, Kahn, who directed both the "Look What You Made Me Do" and "Bad Blood" videos, said,

"It's not 'Formation' at all ... They try to say she's wearing a black crop top and Beyoncé wore a black crop top. But they don't realize in 2015 in 'Bad Blood' Taylor Swift was wearing a black crop top. I really do think, by the way, that Beyoncé copied 'Bad Blood'."

Who knew a black crop top would create such a mess? It's probably not a great idea to call Beyoncé a copycat if you're trying to get people to lay off Swift.

Kahn eventually took to Twitter to clarify his comments, after the Beyhive had already gotten wind of them. Yet, even his clarification added some fuel to the fire. Perez Hilton asked the director if he was "trolling" when he said Beyoncé copied Swift to which he said, "Yes. The world is full of stupid motherf*ckers."

Saying Beyoncé copied Swift was a joke, but the Beyhive still wasn't having it — which he seemed to be fine with. He went on to tweet, "Come get it Beyhive ... The candy is right here."

Some speculated that Kahn's goading of the Beyhive was all to drum up more publicity for his new film. Kahn himself even touched on this and joked further about the new marketing strategy for his film:

You mess with Beyoncé (even if it's a joke) and you're going to get the whole Beyhive coming after you. That's exactly what happened to Kahn. Take a look at some of the fiercest responses:

The Beyhive Came Through

One Twitter user said, "Yall come for Beyoncé & think that we're going to take it lying down? Nah keep Bey outta your tweets & we won't cross paths".

Another user questioned this comparison with "To say Beyoncé copied Bad Blood? Last time I checked, Beyoncé doesn't need celebrities to make her video great!"

Twitter user @michelleinblue told Kahn that messing around with the Bey Hive is never a good idea. They said, "You picked the wrong fandom to try to be funny with ... Beyhive don't play that".

These Beyoncé Fans Took A Sillier Approach

All these user had to do was tweet this hilarious meme to get their point across.

This user said, "Imagine coming for Beyoncé when she doesn't even know who you are ..." and finished it off with a gif.

The Beyhive truly came out in full force on this one. However, when it came to Swift fans and other people following the news, some defended Kahn's comments and some wanted to be excluded from this narrative completely.

At Least Some Swifties Got The Joke?

One person definitely got that Kahn was just joking. They said, "The amount of people who don't get his humor is astounding ... it was a joke".

This fan came to Kahn's defense and said, "@JosephKahn is constantly joking - read his feed. Basically anyone wearing black tops in music videos copied each other - it's a joke people".

These Users Wanted The Drama To Stop

One person was trying to get back to what really matters - the music itself. User @MysweetPina said, "You are awesome!!! If Taylor copied Beyonce then Beyonce copied Janet Jackson!!! Let it go people ... It's all about great music!!"

One Swiftie said, "leave Taylor out of this. LWYMMD holds all the records and I don't see a string of celebs in it so just stop".

This Swiftie Wasn't Here For The Beyhive At All

This user seemed to echo Kahn's comments and said, "So when Beyoncé copies other people it's "not that big a deal" but when other artists do it her it's cause for a whole article? #Triggered".

Kahn definitely got a strong reaction from the Beyhive. And this isn't the first time that Kahn has defended Swift. When "Look What You Made Me Do" first came out, Kahn took to Twitter and said, "If Taylor as a woman plans something she is 'manipulative.' Double standards. This is wrong."

Neither Beyoncé nor Swift have commented on this whole ordeal, and Kahn himself hasn't brought up the issue again. But, even though he knows the Beyhive's out there, it doesn't seem as though Kahn will ever back down from sharing his thoughts even if they are about Queen Bey.