Romance Might Still Be In The Air For Blake & Kristina On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

John Fleenor/ABC

Anyone who's watched even a few minutes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 knows that Blake and Kristina share a complicated history. Though their relationship never appeared to be exclusive, the two definitely know each other beyond a "just friends" capacity. And despite the rocky start they had at the beginning of the season, clues that Blake and Kristina are dating after BiP actually exist and show that, regardless of all the drama, they still share a special bond.

Quite honestly, it's been a little difficult to keep up with how Kristina truly feels about Blake in Paradise. On the one hand, she keeps telling the cameras that she wants to see him suffer for his romantic trysts and actions that took place prior to Paradise, but at the same time, she keeps pulling his attention away from the other women and giving him her rose so that he can stay. The whole thing is definitely a little puzzling and may make you feel like you have no idea how this storyline will play out. But if you look closely enough (aka do a deep dive into their Instagram accounts), you'll see that there are a few indicators that hint they could become an official couple by the time this season comes to a close.

Kristina Still Has Blake's Back

When Blake took to Instagram to address the way he's being portrayed in Paradise and defend his character against Caelynn's accusations, Kristina wrote a comment in support of him, stating, "Speak your truth, no one can take that away from you." This seems to suggest that she sides with his account of what happened over Caelynn's and believes that he's being treated unfairly. Perhaps the reason she's appeared to change her tune on the matter is because they've made up and are currently in a relationship. Sure, it's possible she's just being supportive of her friend, but when it comes to Paradise, anything can happen.

Kristina Seems Happier Than Ever

A recent Instagram post shows Kristina lounging about in Mexico with a huge smile on her face and a caption that reads: "me. when someone asks about my love life in #bachelorinparadise." Sure, she could be laughing at all the drama she's had to endure this season OR she could be subtly hinting that it all turns out to be worth it in the end. That grin may mean she has a new love interest in her life — or rather that a spark gets rekindled with an old flame.

It's Something You Wouldn't Expect

Based on how things have been between them so far this season, it feels unlikely that these two would find their way back to each other romantically. But as fans know full well by now, this show loves to throw a few curveballs our way. This series is anything but predictable, so it's important not to rule this duo out completely just yet.

Regardless, Kristina and Blake share a special connection and will continue to be apart of each other's lives longer after they leave the beaches of Mexico behind.