Kristina Made The Ultimate Power Move With Blake On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

ABC/John Fleenor

Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was full of curveballs, but everyone in Bachelor Nation was left reeling once the final rose was handed out, when Kristina's speech to Blake on Bachelor in Paradise took literally everyone by surprise. Just when everyone on the show — and watching at home — though that Blake was finally about to go home, Kristina used the final rose to keep him around after Hannah chose Dylan.

After Hannah decided to give Dylan her rose, all of the other contestants in Paradise seemed convinced that Blake would be headed home, but Kristina threw everyone for a loop by choosing to keep him around. "Everyone deserves a chance at love," she told her ex, before handing him the final rose of the night. It seemed like despite all of the drama between herself, Blake and Caelynn, that Kristina was ready to forgive and forget and move on with the show.

While everyone was still reeling from her decision to offer Blake a rose, Kristina revealed the real reason she decided to keep him around: revenge. "By accepting my rose, he has to stay in his own personal hell," Kristina revealed to the camera, referring to Hannah's strengthen relationship with Dylan. And fans couldn't get enough of this new, devious twist:

While Kristina is right that everyone deserves a shot at love, it's not hard to understand her desire to see Blake be a little uncomfortable, considering all of the drama he caused when everyone first arrived in Paradise. In a conversation with bartender Wells Adams, Caelynn revealed that she and Blake hooked up before the show, and while she was still there, he confessed that he had also slept with Kristina the night before. She claimed that the contestant from Becca Kufrin's season also ghosted her, and told her to keep their relationship from everyone else in Paradise

Blake did, however, admit that he and Kristina briefly dated before Paradise, which he claimed "ended very mutually," but she became upset after finding out about Blake and Caelynn, calling it a "slap in the face." She got the chance to confront him about the whole ordeal during their date, where she told him to "be a man" and own up to his mistakes.

Their date ended with Blake asserting that he values Kristina's friendship, but clearly, she's not quite over all of the drama if she's willing to rub Blake's face in the fact that Hannah chose someone else over him. As frustrating as it must be for the other people in Paradise to still have Blake and his drama around, it's deeply entertaining for Bachelor Nation to see Kristina mastermind the situation.

Ultimately, it's satisfying for fans to see both of Blake's big love triangles finally come to an end — and, thanks to Kristina, for the whole thing to end with one last, karma-filled twist. If she doesn't find love in Paradise this season, Chris Harrison should ask her to consult on any upcoming episodes.