All The Hidden Clues That Taylor Swift’s Snake Video Means A New Song Is Coming

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leave it to Taylor Swift to cause a frenzy across social media the same day a solar eclipse is doing the exact same thing. On Monday, the singer posted a short video of a snake on both Twitter and Instagram with zero context. Naturally, Swifties are freaking out and are speculating what the 27-year-old is up to. Well, there are several clues Taylor Swift's snake video is for a new song. Why else would the "Bad Blood" artist share such a cryptic video? She is obviously teasing that something major is coming.

Last Friday, fans first got a whiff that Swift might be stepping out from the shadows. Not only did she delete all of her tweets and Instagrams, but her website also went completely dark. A musician as big as Swift doesn't just do that because she is sick of the internet, but most likely due to the fact that she is getting ready to release new music. The last time the "Shake It Off" singer provided her fans with an album was in 2014, when 1989 hit the charts.

She has yet to release any other mysterious videos on her social media, but until Swift does, let's take a look at the clues that her snake video is her way of promoting a new song.

It's Her Only Social Media Post ATM

All of her tweets and Instagrams have been deleted to make room for this one (at this moment in time) snake video. This is obviously her way of saying, "Get ready, because I'm about to do something huge."

She Posted It During The Eclipse Madness

What better way to get everyone's attention than by sharing a video of snake during a monumental event? She has clearly put a lot of thought into this and is already making a huge statement.

There Is An Eclipse & Snake Connection

So, there may be a reason for the video that goes beyond just a possible dig at anyone who's ever called Swift a "snake". According to TIME, "Snake-like figures can emerge in the shadows" of an eclipse. "Mysterious shadowy figures that wriggle like snakes have been known to appear on surfaces near the ground seconds before and after a total solar eclipse," the outlet reports. These are also called shadow bands or even shadow snakes. Swift's use of a snake can't be a coincidence, right?

A New Swift Is Coming

She could be shedding her past and reintroducing herself just like when a snake sheds its skin.

Joseph Kahn's Tweets Speak Volumes

Kahn is a director, who directed Swift's videos for "Bad Blood," "Blank Space," "Wildest Dreams," and "Out of the Woods." He says people shouldn't take him too seriously, but if someone this close to Swift is excited about what's going on, that's a pretty good sign something is really up.

It's The Only Thing That Makes Sense

Seriously, why else would she post a video of a snake?

Whatever Swift has on the horizon regarding new music, her fans better be ready, because it's probably going to happen sooner rather than later.