All The Indisputable Clues That BenDeLaCreme Will Win 'Drag Race'


Episode 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars flipped the show on it’s head. For the first time throughout the entire competition, BenDeLaCreme was not in the top two. Despite her four-week long winning streak coming to an end, there are still plenty of clues suggesting BenDeLaCreme will win Drag Race. Most of those clues of course, revolve around DeLa absolutely obliterating her competition week to week.

Looking objectively at DeLa’s performance in challenges this season, it is hard to argue that she is not one of the best Drag Race stars, perhaps of all time. She won not one, two, or three, but four straight challenges in a row. At this point, she’s earned $15,000 cash and even more prizes. Now, through Week 5, she has never once been at the bottom and as a result has never been at risk of going home.

The other queens unquestionably see her. Another clue that DeLa could win is what the other queens are saying about her. Throughout this season’s episodes each queen, and basically all of the judges, have commented on DeLa’s success. It has been virtually impossible not to as she has nearly always been at worst, in the top two. Recently, in an interview with Bustle, Aja said that DeLa was the queen to beat. “Statistically, if you’re thinking about who won the most, it would be BenDeLaCreme no matter what,” she says. “She has the best track record so far on All Stars [of] any Drag Race girl who’s ever walked through those doors. She won four challenges in a row, that is batsh*t crazy.”


One final major clue that hints to DeLa winning is her strategy thus far. On the surface, there hasn't been much strategy. Focusing on doing her absolute best, she has been able to execute on challenges better than anyone else, to this point. However, just under the surface, there could be a plan she's executing. While she is not making alliances, like you would expect to see on other reality competition shows, she is certainly being friendly with her competition. Throughout this season of the show, DeLa has yet to get into any kind of serious spat with another queen. With how often the others have fought, this seems like an active strategy on DeLa’s part. Perhaps she thinks that minimal tea-spilling will mean nobody will want to eliminate her for personal reasons, like Kennedy seemed to do earlier this season with Milk.

While BeBe and Kennedy have shown they can win a challenge, there seems to be only one major threat to DeLa winning All Stars 3, and that is Shangela. While DeLa is rather inwardly focused, on her looks and performances, Shangela is gaining contestant support. Shangela is of course, focused on herself, too — however, unlike DeLa, who has only been friendly with the other queens, Shangela is actively making alliances.


The two have shown how fierce their competition can be between one another. Having gone head-to-head in a lip sync battle in Week 4, the two wound up in a tie for the win. However, while DeLa has only won half of her lip-sync battles, every time Shangela has been in one she has won the challenge. Despite that fact, though, Shangela with two wins cannot compete with DeLa’s four wins. While it is likely fans have not seen all of the wins these two queens will earn this season, it seems that DeLa has the edge over Shangela competition-wise.

With DeLa’s performance this season in mind, it seems that she is the queen to beat. Given the numbers, she remains the unquestionable frontrunner. But, as each week’s winning queen has the power to send home one of the bottom queens, it may only take one major slip up for DeLa to be sent packing as she continues to be the strongest competitor. Barring that from happening though, it certainly seems like this is BenDeLaCreme’s crown to lose.