One Of 'BB19's Alpha Males Got Kicked To The Curb

Bill Inoshita/CBS

The first eviction in Aug. 17's double eviction episode played out exactly as expected. In a not-at-all surprising turn of events, the houseguests evicted Cody from the Big Brother 19 house. As anyone who's been watching this season could have easily predicted, he got all of the votes. He got seven votes, while Matt and Elena each got zero.

Cody did what he could to turn HOH Alex against Elena after she took $5,000 from her in the Veto competition, but Alex was not mad enough to change her target. When she put up Cody, the writing was on the wall: Cody was definitely going home.

Cody went off in his pre-eviction speech and rattled off a list of lies about Alex and Jason's alleged plans, just to stir the pot one last time. He didn't hug or say goodbye to a single person when he was voted out — not even Kevin although the two had a sweet moment this week when Cody revealed that he has a daughter as well. Nevertheless, it's not too shocking that Cody was super angry.

Now that the house doesn't have Cody as a common enemy, it will be very interesting to see how things play out and who will turn on each other. Cody won't even enjoy alone time in the jury house since tonight is a double eviction anyway.

Will Cody take the time to relax in the jury house? Or will he furiously campaign against whoever he doesn't want to win the jury vote at the end of the season? Either way it sucks that he's the first one in jury while his girlfriend Jessica got eliminated the week before and is already back home. On the bright side, he's getting some money for making it to the jury house so it's not all bad that he got voted out. Now he just has to live through yet another stay in another house with people he can't stand.