Two Flavors Of Cold Stone Creamery Cookie Dough Pints Were Spotted Out In The Wild

by Brittany Bennett

There's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and then there's just straight up cookie dough. Cold Stone Creamery has conquered the former and the latter, and now it's setting out to prove it again in a big way — one pint at a time. Cold Stone Creamery cookie dough pints have been spotted out in the world, and my spoon and I are ready. That is, whenever it's ready.

Bustle has reached out to Cold Stone for details about the product and availability, and will update upon response; in the meantime, the early images of it come to us from Instagram snack stars, @threesnackateers. That said, there isn't ~much~ to spill on the Cold Stone Creamery Cookie Dough pints. What we do know is that they were spotted by the @threesnackateers at Chicago's Sweets & Snacks Expo — also known as heaven — and are allegedly "coming soon." The caption reads, "Our sources tell us this product is still in development, so no set dates for release." We'll just have to sit back, impatiently tap our spoons against our empty bowls, and refresh Instagram for updates.

However, the new pints aren't a product being kept completely in the dark. What we do know about this sure to be hot release is that there are at least two flavors. The picture reveals the pint flavors Dough For It, Cold Stone's chocolate chip cookie dough equivalent, and Somewhere Over The Rain Dough, Cold Stone's rainbow-sprinkled sugar cookie dough equivalent. Could there be more flavors? Only time will tell.

As true Cold Stone fans know, Dough For It and Somewhere Over The Rain Dough are already ice cream creations from Cold Stone Creamery, debuting earlier this year. This clues us into what we can expect from the pints. Dough For It is Cold Stone's classic chocolate chip cookie dough creation. It includes vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, chocolate chips and sugar crystals. Somewhere Over The Rain Dough is a more colorful creation composed of classic cookie dough ice cream, sugar crystals, frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Minus the ice cream, could this be what we can expect from the pints? Just a giant glob of cookie dough? If so, I stan.

While we're not 100% sure what to expect re: availability or what the end product will look like, we can trust that Cold Stone Creamery knows what it's doing when it comes to the creative art of cookie dough. The ice cream parlor churns out new cookie dough creation after creation. In May Cold Stone dropped three new cookie dough creations. These included The Way The Cookie Crumbled, One Smart Brookie, and Dough-lightful Peanut Butter. In addition to these new Creations, customers can also opt to add a chocolate dipped cookie dough saucer to the mix.

Needless to say, Cold Stone Creamery is cookie dough royalty. The ice cream parlor knows how to make it and what to do with it. Stuffing pints of it based off their Creations flavors is sure to be a hit. Especially if the comments on the Instagram post are any indication.

"Ahh that'll be incredible," one comment reads. "Cannot wait," another exclaims. And I, ready with a spoon in hand, echo these comments of praise for the soon to be Cold Stone Creamery Cookie Dough pints. Whatever they turn out to actually be.