Cole Sprouse Completely Roasted His ‘Riverdale’ Co-star On Instagram For This Hilarious Meme

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there a real-life Northsiders/Southside Serpents fight brewing? Well, there's certainly some friendly joking around between two of Riverdale's biggest stars. As Buzzfeed noted, KJ Apa posted a meme about him and Cole Sprouse. But, the funniest part about the meme may just be Sprouse's witty AF response to it.

On June 25, Apa posted a meme on Instagram that compared how he looked at 17 years old in comparison to his Riverdale co-star, Sprouse, at the same age. It is safe to say that the two look like they're two completely different ages, with the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star in his Disney heyday and Apa looking jacked up enough to take down Hiram Lodge in a wrestling match.

He captioned his photo with, "Man... I would have absolutely crushed you at age 17. Crushed. @colesprouse." Those are definitely some fightin' words. In addition to that fiery caption, Apa continued to say, in a comment on his own post, "And I still would now."

Since the two are such good friends, though, the Jughead portrayer took the joke in stride. In fact, he got in on the fun by hitting back at his pal with a quip of his own. In a comment on the post in question, Sprouse wrote, "You wouldn't even have survived the weight of my wallet b*tch." While Apa tried to fit in a good burn for his friend, you have to give it to the former Disney star here with this amazing comeback. Would you expect anything less from the leader of the Southside Serpents?

The rest of the Riverdale cast also got in on the fun with the Instagram post, with many of them commenting with their own thoughts about this hilarious "feud."

Hiram Lodge himself, Mark Consuelos, tried to keep the peace between the two co-stars. In true Hiram fashion, he jokingly urged the actors to "keep it down."

A couple co-stars even tried to throw their hats into the metaphorical ring. Lili Reinhart, Sprouse's long-rumored girlfriend, joked in a comment, "I would've pummeled both of you p*ssies." Charles Melton (aka Reggie) inserted himself into the equation, too. He said that he would have "squashed" both of the guys. And you know you don't want to mess with Reggie.

The best response from one of their castmates had to have been from Casey Cott, who portrays Kevin on the CW series. His response was the perfect tie-in to the crew's Riverdale roots. Isn't everyone wishing for peace amongst the Riverdale High students?

Obviously, Apa and Sprouse were just messing around with their funny insults. Not only are they really good friends, but they have a history of messing around like this on social media (maybe not to such an epic degree as in this case, though). In September 2017, Apa took to Instagram to post a video parodying Sprouse's sometimes-artsy responses about Riverdale.

He spoke "as" his co-star as he recited, "Well, it's funny that you say that because Jughead uses humor as a defense mechanism. So, the nostalgia is really film noire..." Sprouse, again, took the joke in stride. He posted the video on his Twitter account and captioned it with, "My new main concern."

Riverdale fans are bound to love all of these hilarious interactions, especially since almost the entirety of the cast is having a grand 'ol time with this latest joke about Archie and Jugheads real-life counterparts. But, they won't only love this joke. Apa and Sprouse's fun relationship, as evidenced by all of their social media quips, is sure to have you saying that the two are totally #friendshipgoals.