Cole Sprouse Looks Exactly Like A Young Louis Vuitton & The Resemblance Will Blow Your Mind

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Is Jughead Jones a time traveler? That's the question you may be asking yourself after getting a good look at Cole Sprouse's historical doppelganger. While doing research for an article on Louis Vuitton, Gina E. Marinelli, senior editor of Who What Wear, discovered that Sprouse and Vuitton share a striking resemblance to one another. In fact, they look so much alike, that it's hard not to wonder if Riverdale's Sprouse actually is the great trunk designer. OK, so that's probably not the case, but if Hollywood ever gets around to making a proper Vuitton biopic, then they won't have to look far to find their star.

Sprouse is far from the first actor to have a historical lookalike, but he and Vuitton share more than tousled brown hair and some seriously piercing eyes. It turns out the actor and famed designer share a birthday, as well. Sprouse was born on Aug. 4, 1992, while Vuitton was born on Aug. 4, 1821. Sure, that could be a freaky coincidence, or it could be evidence that Sprouse is Vuitton reborn. You decide.

Whether this is all just one big cosmic coincidence or a mystery worthy of Archie and the gang's detective work on Riverdale, there's no denying that these two men do look quite a bit alike. That combined with Vuitton's fascinating backstory should have you longing to see Sprouse take on the role of the French trunk designer one of these days.

As Jughead, Sprouse has proven he can play a broody, resilient teen with ease, and one of the most fascinating periods of Vuitton's pre-famous life occurred when he was a teenager. According to Biography.com, Vuitton left home when he was just 13. He then embarked on a nearly 300 mile journey to Paris, in the hopes of making a life for himself in the capital of France (spoiler alert: he was successful). It took Vuitton two years to make his journey, and while at 25, Sprouse is slightly too old to convincingly play a 13-year-old, Vuitton's journey is still captivating stuff.

His teen years are far from the only period in Vuitton's life that is just begging for a lush, period adaptation. Napoleon III's wife hired Vuitton as her personal box maker at one point, and in 1854, he got married to a woman he seemingly fell in love with at first sight and opened his own business. Basically, there's no point of Vuitton's life that's not ready for the film (or TV) treatment.

The idea of Sprouse playing his doppelganger onscreen may not be quite as appealing to him as it would be to his fans. After all, he already has one lookalike (who also shares his birthday) — his twin brother and fellow actor, Dylan Sprouse. The twins came to fame in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, so they may have gotten their fill of wacky mistaken identity mix-ups when they were kids.

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Still, this revelation should make Sprouse fans happy. Now they can crush on Cole, Dylan, and their historical brother from another century, Louis. Hey, these three guys are all nearly identical, and they're all artists. What's not to love? Whether or not the Sprouses are descendants of the designer or they just happen to share Vuitton's looks (and birthday), there's no denying that this is one cool coincidence.

And until Hollywood realizes that the world needs one of the Sprouse brothers to give Vuitton the big budget movie he deserves, the only thing fans can do is start researching Vuitton. Because when the universe hands you a new historical bae to swoon over, the only course of action you can take is to seize that opportunity with both hands.