ColourPop x Hello Kitty Will Soon Be Gone For Good

It's so hard to say goodbye, isn't it? The ColourPop x Hello Kitty Collection is making like Elvis and officially leaving the building. Join me in a chorus of boos and hisses, since this adorbs, dually-branded collab has been a big hit.

To me, this "Last Call" is akin to a concert encore, which is usually the best part of the show. A performer comes back to the stage for one or two more songs, usually a big hit or fan fave, and puts the period on the end of the live sentence. A "Last Call" in the makeup realm is much the same — it's that thrilling last chance to grab a limited product or collection.

It's been beyond real, CP x HK. But it's time to sail off into that pinky x peachy sunset, right?

While ColourPop x Hello Kitty had a Last Call earlier this year on Feb. 1 and the eyeshadows were made available in single serve form, this collection is going for good. When is the official "Last Call" for ColourPop x Hello Kitty?

It's Saturday, Apr. 1. There are plenty of items from this beloved collection currently discounted on the ColourPop site, which is its sales platform. Therefore, you could (and should) stock up now, while there is still plenty of product and before it's wiped clean.

When this collection first dropped, I nabbed the makeup bag, an Ultra Matte, an Ultra Satin, and a Lip Gloss and I love them all. I am both an HK and a ColourPop fan and I can't praise these pieces enough.

Hello Kitty x ColourPop is going to be gone forever after this weekend — unless this is an April Fool's Day Joke or unless the brand opts to bring it back in the future. Regardless, you should make a reminder in your phone to shop on Saturday.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

The CP x HK collection was fun without being too precious.

It was also fun while it lasted. Buh-bye!