These Tweets About The ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere Show Everyone’s Eyes Are On One Guy

Paul Hebert/ABC

There may have only been one episode of Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette so far, but it seems fans have already chosen their favorite contestant. Even just based on what they saw during limo arrivals and the cocktail party, everyone loves 26-year-old Colton, and they're not afraid to show it. There are so many tweets about Colton from The Bachelorette, and most of them are hilarious — and totally relatable if you fell in love with him, too.

According to his ABC bio, Colton is a former pro football player who has made it his mission to help children who suffer from cystic fibrosis, because his cousin has the disease, as well. He also once dated Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, and his Instagram is populated by adorable photos of him and his dog, Sniper. Then, seeing him on The Bachelorette and the way he interacted with Becca was just icing on the cake. So far, he seems to be a good looking, sweet guy with a big heart, so it's no wonder that Bach fans wasted no time at all falling head over heels for him. And let's face it: Since Becca sent Joe the grocery store guy packing, Colton is our next best option.

During Monday's premiere, Twitter lit up with tweets about Colton, and fans aren't holding back when it comes to sharing their love for him. In fact, a lot of people fell in love with him from the second he stepped out of that limo.

He did make quite an entrance, especially after that intro package from the beginning of the ep that made him seem like the perfect guy. Of course, no such thing exists, but Colton seems to be pretty close — you know, from the 10 seconds we've all had to get to know him so far.

And even after that, as the episode progressed, fans continued to swoon. Every time he was on screen was yet another opportunity to fall in love.

There was this tweet, which basically said what everyone was thinking. If we can't have Colton himself, surely he knows more men just like him.

Obviously, should Becca decide to cut Colton loose later this season, it seems like he has plenty of options. Is he already showing signs of potential when it comes to selecting the next Bachelor? Chris Harrison should probably keep an eye on him.

And when Colton revealed that he's a virgin in the promo for the entire season that aired at the end of the episode, it only made some fans love him more.

In fact, former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez pointed out the only flaw Colton has so far: the velour vest. Yes, it's upsetting, but we don't love Colton for his style, we love him for his personality. And, OK, a little bit for his looks and his dog.

Can we, as a Bachelor loving community, forgive him for this? Duh, because it's Colton and we've all agreed that he is The One. He is only allowed one free velour vest pass, though, and he used it up on this, so hopefully he didn't pack it in his Bachelorette suitcase.

The season just started, so there's a lot of time to learn more about Colton — hopefully, all good things. And if his Bachelorette debut is any indication of how the rest of the season will go, we should probably just keep that Meghan Markle GIF handy. It's probably going to be more and more necessary as we see more of him on the show.