Your Favorite 'Bachelorette' Guys Took A Photo Posing As Their Own '90s Boy Band

ABC/Paul Hebert

Forget *NSYNC and 98 Degrees, there's a new boy band in town that's sure to be an instant fave among Bachelor Nation. The Bachelorette's Colton, Wills, and Jason posted a photo together, jokingly calling themselves "3rd Harmony." Basically, the pic has all of the makings of a dream collaboration.

On Aug. 23, Colton posted the photo of himself with Wills and Jason. The guys did their best '90s CD cover pose, as Colton captioned the photo, "Throw it back. 3rd Harmony." Seeing as though the actual Fifth Harmony is sadly no longer, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'd be more than fine with Colton, Wills, and Jason picking up where they left off. Or, you know, they could always go with a name that's Bachelor inspired too, like the Suitors 2 Men?

Regardless of the name, it's certainly cool just to see the three Bachelorette stars having fun together. And surprisingly enough, the photo itself isn't even the best part of the past. That's because the hilarity continued in the comments section of the snap, thanks to a fun exchange between Jason and Colton.

Jason got things started as he commented, "When I saw this I subconsciously started singing NSYNC 'It's Tearing Up My Heart,'" alongside a couple of laughing emojis for good measure.

Colton was definitely feeling that same '90s vibe based on his reply. He told Jason, "you tear up my heart daily." And, honestly, same.

The whole exchange, and fun photo, really just shows exactly why these suitors are such fan faves within Bachelor Nation. After all, who wouldn't want their potential Bachelor-to-be knowledgable about all things *NSYNC?

Colton Underwood/Instagram (Screenshot)

Despite pining after the same girl on The Bachelorette, the contestants on the show still seem to have a great friendship bond going on post-show. Based on their social media accounts, it appears as though some of the contestants in particular are instant besties now (as this 3rd Harmony photo would indicate).

During the Men Tell All special, things definitely took a more serious turn at times with all of the discussions about relationships, drama, and the like. But Colton and Wills kept things light behind-the-scenes as they posed for a snap together, putting their expert poses on display once again.

Additionally, they've also gone on some fun outings together. In early August, Jason and Colton went to see the Frozen production on Broadway, where they even got to meet one of the stars of the show, Patti Murin. You know what they always say: Friends who see Frozen on Broadway together, stay together.

So while these suitors didn't end up with the final rose on The Bachelorette, they did leave the series with a set of pretty amazing friends. Or should I say, a set of pretty amazing bandmates?

By the way, if whenever Colton, Wills, and Jason ever wanted put out some music from their "3rd Harmony" group, they can definitely count on Bachelor Nation to be some instant fans of theirs. Just sayin'.