Colton's Elimination From 'The Bachelorette' Sparked Some STRONG Reactions From Fans

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert; Diggy Moreland/Twitter

Even though it seemed pretty obvious who Becca Kufrin was going to give roses to on The Bachelorette, it was still pretty heartbreaking to watch the end. After Monday night, Twitter had a lot to say about Colton Underwood's Bachelorette elimination and his last episode on the show. Sure, Colton told Becca that he was in love with her and admitted that he would propose to her if he got to the end, but it was very clear that he was not nabbing that rose.

Becca expressed many concerns over Colton's "lack of experience" in the dating department. Colton's dad told Becca to send him home if she wasn't sure that he was the one. Colton had that awkwardly rapid pep talk with Chris Harrison about what goes down during the fantasy suite dates. And then there was Tia Booth, who decided to pull Becca aside and confess that she is "stick to her stomach" because she still has feelings for Colton. That was the final nail in the coffin for his time on this show. Colton was fighting an uphill battle, that's for sure.

Nevertheless, his time in the franchise is far from over. Colton will be on Bachelor in Paradise next season, of course. It sure seems like his story with Tia will continue. There's even speculation that his appearances on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are just building up his storyline for The Bachelor.


He Had Such A Sweet Hometown Date

Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey was right. The date went very well — at first.


He Has A Big Heart

Colton has such a big heart when it comes to his charitable endeavors, but does he also have feelings for Becca and Tia? Only time will tell.


He Thought He Could Get Engaged To Becca

Colton confessed his love to his parents and to Becca. He even admitted that he would get down on one knee if he got that final rose, but he and Becca were so far from being on the same page.


Of Course, Tia Still Has Feelings For Colton

Yes, Tia has feelings for Colton. Even the viewers watching this show have feelings for Colton.


Viewers Were Expecting Tia To Say A Lot More

That was really it? Tia just admitted what everyone saw along? Of course, she's into Colton. The preview for the episode just made it seem like Tia would have way juicier tea to spill. How misleading.


Tia *Probably* Should Have Told Becca Sooner

Why didn't Tia just admit this earlier? Becca just met Colton's family and the timing was unfortunate.


Was This Contrived?

Was this the plan all along? That's a pretty outrageous conspiracy theory. Or is it?


Who's In The Wrong Here?

Was it wrong for Tia to share her feelings at this point in the season? Was it wrong for Colton to go on the show after dating Tia? Was it wrong for Becca to pursue Colton after he dated Tia? There is just so much gray area here.


He Had The Most Awkward Talk With Chris Harrison

Did the producers put Colton up this? Most likely. It was just way too awkward to watch Colton's rushed pep talk with Chris Harrison about the possibility of a Fantasy Suite date. It was especially painful since we just saw Tia's confession, and it was so obvious that Colton would not get a rose anyway.


He Was Obviously Going Home

Did Becca even need to conduct a rose ceremony? Other than excuse to wear a sequin gown, there was really no point in gathering everyone for that.


This Is A Lot To Handle

It's great to keep things fresh and interesting in the franchise, but this whole love triangle was just a lot to handle.


Why Didn't Becca Mention What Tia Said?

Was there a significant portion of Becca and Colton's conversation that was cut out of the episode? They didn't show Becca saying anything to Colton about Tia's confession. The viewers were robbed of a Colton reaction with that one.


Did Becca Throw Colton's Dad Under The Bus?

Did Becca blame the "breakup" on Colton's dad? Maybe it was just awkward editing? Where was the Tia anecdote?


Tia's Appearance Factored Into That Elimination

Yes, Becca had stronger connections this season, but there's no way that Tia's confession wasn't a factor in her decision.


Tia And Colton Are Going To Date Next... Right?

Why didn't Tia stick around to console Colton after that rose ceremony?


Are Colton And Tia The Next 'BIP' Stars?

Are Colton and Tia the next golden couple of the franchise? What does the future hold for the two of them?


He Will Be In The Franchise For A While

Bachelorette alum J.P. Rosenbaum has a point: This is far from the end of Colton's reality TV journey. Of course, he will be a part of Bachelor in Paradise, but is that it? Maybe he will end up handing out roses during the next season of The Bachelor.

That last Bachelorette episode was tough to watch. Even though it was clear that Colton was the one who needed to go, it was just so painful to watch the demise of that relationship.