Connor Was Fully Prepared To Slide Into Whitney's DMs If 'BiP' Didn't Work Out


It's easy to think that reality show contestants are in on everything that happens behind the scenes, but Connor's tweet about leaving Bachelor in Paradise before Whitney proves that they can definitely be held in the dark. And it seems like Connor was. A few minutes after his departure and her arrival in Paradise aired he tweeted three powerful words: "I'm an idiot."

Like it has for most, Mexico has been a rollercoaster for Connor. He started to fall for Caelynn who ultimately left with Dean after he returned to win her back, and in an attempt to forget about her, he went on a one-on-one date with new arrival Reviana, but he still wasn’t feeling the love. In the back of his mind, he knew that the only person who could keep him from leaving Paradise early was Whitney, with whom he connected at Chris and Krystal’s wedding and couldn't stop thinking about.

In a confessional, he specifically said if Whitney didn't arrive "in five minutes" he would leave. Knowing she was on her way, viewers waited and expected Whitney to walk down the stairs within that amount of time, but she didn't. He actually said his goodbyes to everyone and left. Then she arrived, to discover and be disappointed by his absence. Yep, the producers really went there.

Everyone let her know that Connor left because he was exclusively interested in her, and encouraged her to go after him, so she did. During the show's previous episode, when Dean made a bold move by returning to talk to Caelynn after breaking up with her on her birthday, Connor made a tweet that may have foreshadowed this moment. "Can't be mad at someone for folllowing their heart," he wrote. Was he talking about Dean and Caelynn, or himself and Whitney? Probably both. Regardless, it says a lot about how his Paradise experience is coming to an end.

Thankfully, Connor hadn't gone far when Whitney stepped onto the beach, so she almost immediately made her way to his hotel room to greet him. When he opened the door, Connor was pleasantly surprised (and shirtless, as Whitney hoped). "I was getting ready to send Whitney a dm on Instagram right before she knocked on my door," he tweeted during the episode. "Just trying to shoot my shot." And he didn't even have to.

Fans were initially upset by the producers' decision to keep them from each other, but it ended up making for an even better love story. Connor must've noticed their viral resentment, though because he tweeted again as the reactions flooded in. "It all worked out in the end," he wrote, punctuated by a smiling emoji.

It sounds like, regardless of whether or not the producers would have sabotaged his opportunity with Whitney, they were going to find a way to pursue each other, and they did. There's no official confirmation that they became and remain a couple yet, but Connor's positivity online is very promising.