Constance Wu's Next Rom-Com Role Sounds Potentially Hilarious

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Crazy Rich Asians was a breakout success this year, and it looks like the movie's breakout star is already scoping out new projects to keep the momentum going. Constance Wu might star in a new rom-com, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And based on the details, it sounds like the script will be super funny, too.

As THR reports, Wu is still in talks to sign on for the as-yet-untitled project, so nothing is set in stone yet. But if Crazy Rich Asians proved anything, it's that the Fresh Off the Boat actor can hold her own in a romantic comedy, and she'd likely make the upcoming movie pretty fun to watch.

Even though the movie's director and stars aren't confirmed yet, one thing is certain: the script is promising. Savion Einstein, who won the Joplin Award for screenwriting in 2014, is behind the script, which Deadline first reported on back in July. The script is tentatively titled Superfecundation — probably not the movie's final name, since it's a mouthful, but it is a good indicator of what the movie is about.

Superfecundation, for those not familiar with the term, is a process through which a woman could become pregnant with twins who have two different fathers. The most notable portrayal of the condition in recent pop culture memory is American Horror Story, but the new rom-com sounds way more lighthearted.

According to Deadline, the movie will be about "a charmingly chaotic woman who is struggling to figure out her life." Her nudge to start the whole "figuring things out" process comes, as the title suggests, when she learns she's pregnant with twins from different fathers.

As Deadline points out, the condition is rare, so it makes sense that a movie will be playing it up for laughs. Say what you will about rom-coms, but this is definitely an original idea. Plus, it could help a new director break onto the movie scene: THR notes that GLOW actor Kimmy Gatewood is in talks to direct the movie, too.

Wu has starred in Fresh Off The Boat for several years now, but it was Crazy Rich Asians that led to her breakout as a rom-com star. If she does end up starring in the new movie, it will definitely be one to keep on your radar. Plus, now that Wu's been nominated for a Golden Globe, she'll probably be starring in plenty of upcoming projects.

And if Wu doesn't end up starring in this particular rom-com, she'll still be back on the big screen soon. Deadline reports that the second and third movies in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy will be filmed in 2020. So if you're already missing the cast, they'll be back in the movie's sequels before you know it.

Whoever ends up starring in the Superfecundation movie, it's nice to know that there's still a demand for romantic comedies out there. And if that demand leads to lots of roles for the ridiculously talented Wu, then that's a win for everyone.