Converse Is Launching Tie Dye Chuck 70s & They Will Be Your Go-To Summer Shoe

Festival season is upon us, which means it's time to stock up on pastel hair dye, temporary tattoos, and tie dye everything. One shoe brand has volunteered to help you in the tie dye department; Converse launched tie dye All Star Chuck 70s just in time for summer. But these aren't the tie dye prints of your fifth grade craft experiments. Instead, the Chuck 70s have taken on a more watercolor motif, making the dye look like it was watered down and allowed to bleed out.

The tie dye pack offers four different iterations of Converse's two iconic shoes: the Chuck 70s and the All Star Ox shoes. One of the brand's heritage shoes, the Chuck 70s were originally designed in the 1970s as a basketball shoe. The updated shoes have cushioned insoles for arch support, and have wing tongue stitching that helps the sneakers last for years. The All Star Ox sneakers are the low top versions, and the low-cut "Oxford"-style shoes are a complimentary pick if you want a more traditional sneaker silhouette.

When it comes to Converse's latest spring pack, you can choose between four different colors: pink, indigo, green, and vanilla. In order to help make the shoes look like they were completely tie dyed, the laces also come in the same bled-out color design. The toe caps are also glossy rather than rubbery, which adds a small but special touch. The end result is a dreamy, hippie-inspired shoe that would be perfect for everything from festival weekends to grabbing brunch on a patio with friends.

The pink option looks like tissue paper that has been painted with watercolors. It sports blush pink, pale yellow, and melon hues across its canvas, creating a '90s inspired shoe. The sneaker would add a bright pop of color to any outfit, whether you're wearing jeans or a mini summer dress.

The indigo pick almost looks like white-washed denim. It features a mix of ink blue and light blue colors, splashed with white to help break up the monochromatic look. Right now it is sold out.

The green shoes look earthy, like a pair of white sneakers that got grass stains all over them after a day in the park. The shoe blends grass green, yellow, and white to create its tie dye look.

The vanilla sneaker is perfect for minimalists who want to try something a little more out of the box this season. The shoe sports silver, white, and light bronze colors. Thanks to the light bronze highlights, the shoe either looks like it has coffee stains or has been in your closet for decades. But rather than looking grimy, the low tops look light and airy.

The Chuck 70s Ox shoes clock in at $82, and the Chuck 70s Hi cost $85. If you want to rock tie dye this spring but don't want to look like an all out hippie, then this spring pack will be the perfect fit.