This Charitable Necklace Was Made To Store Your Tampons & It's Actually Really Cool

Ever since Cora, a menstrual product company, stepped onto the scene, the makers of a unique kind of tampon have helped abolish taboos surrounding menstruation. The brand doesn't just offer some of the best period essentials, selling organic tampons in chic packaging via a delivery system. Now, Cora is selling a charitable necklace made to store tampons — and it's actually a really cool accessory.

Getting your period unexpectedly is the absolute worst, especially when you suddenly discover you're out of your Aunt Flo necessities. Luckily, tampon subscription services like Cora have your back in a major way. Conveniently delivering tampons to your front door, the service is committed to giving every person access to everything they need when it's "that time of the month". That includes supplying girls and women in developing nations with period products, too, making Cora a company that's truly dedicated to their cause.

On a mission to provide 10,000 girls with period care and reproductive health education, Cora has developed a piece of jewelry with an incredible purpose. A lifesaver that holds your tampons so you're always armed with the essentials, the Fearless Necklace makes a donation to charity that's truly inspiring.

Featuring a sleek design, the Fearless Necklace is truly unsuspecting. Although it comes in the tubular shape of a tampon, the gilded jewelry could easily be mistaken for its chic, bullet-like design. Created by Katarina Hornwall, it's a statement piece that anyone could wear.

Aesthetics aside, it's the fact that the necklace could save you when you're out and about and your period creeps up, that makes it worth snagging.

It doesn't get any more convenient than an accessory that doubles as tampon storage, coming in handy when your period catches you by surprise. Able to hold a single Cora Applicator Free Tampon, the company's signature, certified organic cotton tampon designed for comfort, consider this jewelry a must-have for any woman.

"With a sly smile, it tells you, 'I bleed, and I'm not ashamed'," Cora writes in the description details on the necklace, a statement worth embodying as you wear the bullet with pride.

At $58 a pop, the Fearless Necklace is worth a reasonable amount of coins. But rest assured that your funds will be money well spent. Every necklace sold makes a hefty donation to a child or woman in need, and it's hard not to want to get behind that cause once you hear all of the deets.

Through Cora's partnership with ZanaAfrica, a foundation helping girls stay in school by delivering sanitary napkins and reproductive health education, every necklace purchase will provide a year's supply of pads to a girl in Kenya. The donation is nothing short of incredible, so purchasing the necklace is an easy way to be a major contributing factor to the charity work the brand does.

Traveling through India, Kenya, and recently, Nairobi, the Cora team has been meeting with brand partners to provide pads to anyone in need. Documented on the company's Instagram, the journey seems to be making a huge difference in the lives of those benefiting from Cora's supplies and educational efforts.

So, you may as well snatch up a Fearless Necklace for yourself, and maybe a couple for your best pals, because that kind of philanthropic action is just too good to not want a piece of it.

Connecting period-havers living stateside with others around the world is what Cora is all about — and the Fearless Necklace is the perfect way to get involved.