Corinne Olympios Explains Why She Felt Victimized After The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Shutdown In A New Statement


Former Bachelor contestant Corrine Olympios released a new statement on Thursday regarding her lawyer's investigation into the suspension of production on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. In the statement Olympios explains why the situation made her feel victimized:

Following the production shutdown, Olympios began her first official statement by saying that she was "a victim". That statement read,

At the time, it was unclear what exactly Olympios felt she was a victim of, but her newest statement sheds light on the fact that she felt victimized by the judgement of others. Specifically, judgement that stemmed from misinformation.

It had been reported that the production shutdown was centered around an alleged sexual encounter between Olympios and fellow contestant DeMario Jackson that allegedly may not have been consensual. Like Olympios, Jackson has hired a lawyer, and he said in a statement that his character has been "assassinated." Jackson also spoke out in an interview with E! News in which he denied any wrongdoing.

In addition to explaining why she felt victimized, in her new statement, Olympios also explains her decision not to return to the show:

Olympios goes on to express appreciation for fans, and notes that she intends to keep any further thoughts she has on the experience private:

Filming has resumed on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. The show is set to premiere this summer.