Corinne Olympios Says She Loved ‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall, But Draws An Important Distinction

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On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, something horrible happened: Nick Viall sent Corinne Olympios home. I’m not over it. I may never be over it. But do you know who has moved on? Corn. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Olympios had a few things to say about Viall. And no, she did not drag her ex-paramour’s name through the cow manure.

After bidding Viall adieu on Monday's ep, Olympios climbed into a limo, curled up with some wine, and told the camera she’d never again kiss up to a man. And then, wine glass still in hand, she fell fast asleep. As far as swan songs go, Olympios knocked it out of the park.

Olympios, resilient legend that she is, would not be knocked down by this devastating exit. Instead, she rose above. When asked about her time on the series, Queen Cheese Pasta of the Bouncy Castle Kingdom only had kind words for Viall. A few choice quotes from the ET interview:

"He's just a really cool guy. I can't say a bad word about him."


"But friend-wise, yeah. I'll always be… if he wants to talk or anything, hang out, I'm always down for that. He's a great guy."


"I did love Nick and you know, I cared a lot about him. I don't know if I was in love with Nick yet — it was definitely getting there — but I'm glad he let me go when he did then, if he didn't see a future with me.”

I would like to zero in on that last excerpt. Olympios loved Viall, but she isn’t sure she was in love with Viall. A subtle, albeit important distinction. I’m no psychologist or love expert, but I think get what she means. For example, I love central air conditioning on a sweaty July afternoon, but I am not in love with central air conditioning. (Suck on that, central A/C!)


Olympus’ feelings toward Viall were nuanced; her actions on the show might’ve been transparent and straightforward, but her love was as complex as Viall’s turtleneck sweater. Her love had layers like an onion.

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Nay, like a pomegranate.