The Most Dramatic Nick Viall Turtleneck Memes Yet

by Courtney Lindley
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During this season's rare, hour-long episode of The Bachelor, Nick captured the heart of Raven, but Nick's turtleneck captured the hearts of many. The internet, thank goodness for it, went abuzz with thoughts, words, and some prayers for Nick Viall's turtleneck during Monday night's Bachelor episode. Whether you loved it, loathed it, or procured second-hand itchiness because of it, the turtleneck was the grey, mohair elephant in the room.

But let's back up for a minute. How did we get here? It seemed like just a second ago Andi Dorfman came over to share a glass of wine with Nick, wherein he was wearing something that looked relatively breathable. Did — spoiler alert — sending Corinne home force Nick to make the decision to wear an aggressively high and thick turtleneck during his one-on-one time with the charming, but "crazy edgy" Raven Gates? These, and more, are questions we should all pose.

During their date, Raven confessed some unsettling truths about her relationship history that I won't outline here because it's not necessarily relevant to my turtleneck points. After those confessions, she told Nick that she loved him. All the while, the camera kept panning to Nick, in his massive turtleneck, grinning from ear to ear and itching his neck. It was this turtleneck, and probably the combo of the turtleneck, the grinning, and the itching, that sent the internet ablaze. There's already an official twitter account for Nick's turtleneck, and it has taken on a life of its own. The proof is in the Nick Viall turtleneck meme pudding, which is a succession of words I truly, truly believed I would never type.

Please view the best of Nick Viall's turtleneck memes, courtesy of the people online, possibly Corinne for sending Nick into a turtleneck spiral, and yours truly.

1. Nick Vs. Derek

This actually comes to you courtesy of Bachelor alumn Tanner Tolbert. The caption should have been "But why male models?" Unfortunately, it wasn't.

2. Nick Vs. Kramer

Nick is out there, Jerry. He's out there.

3. Nick = The Lonely Island?

Someone should tell them that their fourth partner is missing.

4. Nick Vs. Drake

That can only mean one thing. (What does it mean?)

5. Nick = Boy Band?

Someone should tell them that their fifth partner is missing.

6. Nick Vs. All These People

Lorelai Gilmore for the win.

7. Nick Vs. This Unidentified (But Very Cute) Dog

No offense Nick, but this isn't even close.

8. Nick Vs. Retro Justin Timberlake

I actually can't discern which one is which? Please help.

9. This Valid Question

Asking for a friend.

10. The Nick's Turtleneck = Squidward's Fort Metaphor

Both are impenetrable.

There's no doubt that Nick Viall's turtleneck was the most dramatic fashion choice of The Bachelor yet — even though this is a show that once had someone wear a cupcake on wheels.