These Makeup Brushes Filled With Glitter Will Give '90s Kids So Many Feels

The beauty products of the '90s are making a resurgence. Lip Smacker has adorable Mickey & Minnie lip balms. Lime Crime crafted Polly Pocket-inspired compacts. And now there's a beauty tool that will rival even the most '90s-tastic product. These Cosmic Glitter makeup brushes are the shimmering and utterly riveting beauty tool that you never knew you needed but that you definitely need.

What makes the brushes so special? Glitter. But doesn't the sparkly substance make everything special?

The handles of the nostalgia-inducing brushes resemble the infamous glitter pens of the '90s. You know the pens I'm talking about. The ones your teachers used to hate because they were definitely a distraction in class. Like the pens, the handles of the brushes are filled with glitter moving through a clear solution. And like most things that combine beauty and glitter, these beauties are starting to go viral.

With flecks of purple, silver, and teal shining inside the handle, the brushes give an extra bit of nostalgic glam to your daily beauty routine. Basically, it's a beauty routine upgrade. The best part? These brushes come in nearly every color you could ever want. The styles are endless, too. From powder brushes to blush brushes to fan brushes, Cosmic Brushes are here for all your beauty needs. And the company even has full blown sets on the way.

Currently, all glitter brushes from Cosmic Brushes are now sold out due to the indie brand going quickly viral. According to the Cosmic Brushes website, "We have had an extremely large volume of orders, and due to this all of our Cosmic Brushes are now sold out! We are working very hard to get more stock made and listed. Hopefully we should have more brushes available in a couple of weeks."

So hang tight, beauty lovers. The company is working to fill your makeup needs.

If you're thinking of adding these brushes to your holiday wish list, there are a few things you probably want to know. First — and potentially most importantly — the brand is completely cruelty free. Secondly, despite being based in the United Kingdom, you don't have to worry. The brand does ship internationally, so you can get your glitter fix in no matter where you live.

If you're apprehensive about the brushes due to horror stories about phone cases with floating glitter causing chemical burns, you can calm your freak out. According to the site, if the brushes leak, the ingredients inside are all safe and non-toxic. Simply rinse them off. If the issue was caused by the manufacturer, they'll be replaced for free. Talk about awesome customer service.

If you're ready to have a major '90s glitter fantasy while you put on your powder and don't want to wait until Cosmic Brushes restocks, the brand does include a link to an American sister company called Brushicorn — which is basically the most perfect name ever.

The sister brand's brushes are basically just as gorgeous, and they will give you serious Lisa Frank vibes. Unfortunately, the glitter in these sets do not move.

Unlike Cosmic Brushes, which has its own website, Brushicorn operates via an Etsy store. As of press time, there are extremely limited supplies of the Brushicorn Galaticorn brush left in stock.

If glitter, makeup, and nostalgia are your absolute favorite things, the Cosmic Brushes glitter tools are basically the best find ever. Save your pennies, keep an eye on the brand's website for a restock. When the tools are available again, you'll be ready to put on your jelly shoes and relive the '90s in style.