Lip Smacker's Tsum Tsum Mickey Collection Is A Golden Tribute To The Iconic Character

Courtesy of Lip Smacker

From butterfly clips to slap bracelets, there are some beauty and fashion products that '90s kids will never forget. Now, one of the 90s most popular beauty goods is launching the adorable Disney themed product of your dreams. Lip Smacker's Tsum Tsum Mickey Collection is a golden tribute to the iconic character, and it'll give millennials some serious nostalgia for yesteryear.

Most '90s babies remember Lip Smacker for their soda and fruit flavored balms. If you weren't walking down the hall with a tube of the iconic chapstick in your pocket or with it hooked to a carabiner on your backpack, there was a definite sense of FOMO before FOMO was even a thing. Now, though, you can banish those horrifying memories of being Lip Smacker-less. The brand has been turning out some seriously adorable products, and their latest launch is a must-have.

The new golden Tsum Tsum Mickey & Minnie are collectors items that a Lip Smacker lover must have. The balms' packaging features an adorable mini Mickey face on top, and he's decked out in gold. Meanwhile, Minnie looks as cute as ever in rose gold packaging with a rhinestone bow. Essentially, the iconic Disney couple has gone golden glam.

Tsum Tsum Duo Gold Mickey & Minnie, $20, Lip Smacker

If you want the new balms, they're available right now over at the Lip Smacker website just in time for the winter season. Because let's be honest, no one wants chapped lips this winter, and what better way to prevent that dreaded winter woe than with a Mickey or Minnie shaped lippie? As for the price, the collectors' item will retail for $19.99. If you're thinking that seems steep, it is an increase from the brand's typical product, but the Gold Tsum Tsum Mickey and Minnie come in a special collector's edition box that features a camera shaped window. If you do intend to use them,Mickey comes in Whipped Pineapple Magic flavor while Minnie is in Strawberry Beignet.

Tsum Tsum Duo Gold Mickey & Minnie, $20, Lip Smacker

If you haven't yet seen the existing Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum line, you're missing out. The Tsum Tsum designs are stackable, miniature versions of Disney characters, and the upgrade that you always wanted from your classic Lip Smacker. Whether you love a Disney villain or can't get enough princesses in your life, Lip Smacker has a lip balm for you. For Pixar fans, don't feel left out, Lip Smacker also features characters like Mike Wazowski and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Tsum Tsum Duo Gold Mickey & Minnie, $20, Lip Smacker

If you're not able to choose just one of the Tsum Tsum Disney Lip Smacker, the brand has you covered. They created special collections of that fans can purchase in bundles. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Nightmare Before Christmas' Sally and Jack, and Disney princesses Ariel and Elsa all come in bundled forms so you can stock up on your favorite characters. With prices so low, there's really no reason not to snag a couple of the adorable lippies.

Tsum Tsum Duo Ariel & Elsa, $10, Lip Smacker

If you're able to resist the adorable Tsum Tsum Disney line, you can still go a more traditional route. Despite what you may think Lip Smacker never went away, and those Dr. Pepper and watermelon flavored lippies are still yours for the taking. If you're feeling a little bit of middle school nostalgia, Lip Smacker will help you indulge in it.

For lovers of Disney or Lip Smacker, however, the gold Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum lippies are a must-have. The nostalgia inducing smell of the balms alone is worth a purchase. Plus, who doesn't want a rose gold Minnie with rhinestone ears anyway?