This Polly Pocket-Inspired Makeup Line Will Bring You Back To Childhood

If you would rather bask in a Lip Smackers induced, '90s nostalgia haze than basically anything else, then hold on to your slap bracelets. While '90s kids still have a minute to wait before Betty Spaghetti beauty is here, Lime Crime's Polly Pocket-inspired makeup is heading your way. The adorable, days-of-old inspired palettes have basically lit the parts of the Internet inhabited by millennials — a.k.a. all of it — on fire, and it's not exactly hard to see why.

With vibrantly colored packaging — a la the classic Polly Pocket plastic compacts — filled with gorgeous pressed powder, these beauties are about to eclipse every other trendy product out there — sorry, unicorn and mermaid makeup.

On Tuesday, popular Instagram account TrendMood1, run by Sophie Shab, revealed that Lime Crime would be debuting the classic miniature doll themed collection, called the Pocket Candy Palette. In the image posted to her account, Shab revealed not just the packaging but also what exactly is inside. Needless to say, Polly Pocket purist were stoked.

The collection will include three distinct palettes that can be used as eyeshadow or blush. The pressed powders are housed inside mirrored compacts that look like the Polly Pocket homes of yore. The shades vary from browns and reds to pinks and purples. If the swatches are accurate, they look gorgeous on the skin.

While Polly Pocket was known for her small stature and pocket-sized home, don't worry about the shadow pans. These palettes contain five full-sized shadows. There's nothing tiny about these beauties.

The 90s nostalgia inspired collection features a candy meets toy aesthetic with the palettes named Sugarplum, Bubblegum, and Pink Lemonade. While not officially affiliated with Polly Pocket, the palettes do bear a striking resemblance to the classic toy.

What do all three palettes look like on their own?


Sugarplum features the gorgeous pink and purple hues Fairy Floss, Candied Plum, Nutcracker, Icing, and Sugar & Spice.


Don't worry about a neutral color for transitions, though. While Sugarplum is filled with gorgeous, vibrant hues, Bubblegum has the perfect mix of neutrals and colors. Inside, Lime Crime fans will find Pop, Snap, Blow, Chew, and Bubble.

Pink Lemonade

Love the sunset eye trend? These warm red, brown, and pink shadows are reminiscent of two of the biggest palette hits as of late: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and the Natasha Denona Sunset palette. Now, you can fit them in your pocket thanks to the shades Sugar Me, Pink Jelly, Strawberry, Baby Cake, and Lemonade.

When can you snag these Polly Pocket-inspired palettes? According to Lime Crime, they'll be up for grabs on Tuesday, Sept. 19. As for an exact time, that's still unknown. The prices, however, have been revealed. The palettes ring in at $34 each, or save a couple of bucks and grab the bundle for $90.

The fan reaction to the collection has been swift and totally lit. From beauty lovers already planning their purchases to those basking in the '90s nostalgia, the Lime Crime Polly Pocket-inspired palettes are becoming a viral smash.

How shook can one person be over palettes? Answer: Very.

The excitement knows no bounds.

It's heart eyes for days for others.

If Sonic the Hedgehog GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD masks don't give you a nostalgia fix and the new Power Rangers x GLAMGLOW collab doesn't do it either, the Polly Pocket-inspired Lime Crime palettes are exactly the new beauty product you need. These palettes may just be the progenitor of the next greatest trend: updated 90s-inspired beauty.

If you want to be one of the first to snag these '90s treasures, mark your calendar for Sept. 19. With nostalgia at an all-time high and gorgeous shadow colors, these beauties may not last long.