Costco Is Selling A 3-Pound Cookie Butter Cheesecake & The Pics Will Make Your Mouth Water

Here’s something delightful to kick off your morning: You can buy a three-pound cookie butter cheesecake at Costco now. Yes, really. What’s more, it might actually be on sale where you are, which, I mean… well, everybody loves cookie butter. Everybody loves a sale. It’s a match made in heaven. Does this mean all your Speculoos-flavored dreams are coming true? Maybe. Juuuust maybe.

Made by Sweet Offerings Bake Shop — a brand which is available at Costco and Walmart, according to its Facebook page — the sweet treat consists of Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter layered on top of a good old-fashioned, New York-style cheesecake; however, instead of your standard graham cracker crust, this sucker has a crust made out of more Biscoff cookies. They typically retail for around $15, according to Hello Giggles, although as a few tweets have pointed out, they’ve recently been on sale for a mere $7.

To be fair, it looks like the cheesecake has actually existed for several months now; as Spoon University pointed out, Instagrammer @addataylor posted a photo of a freezer full of the things back in October. “Friends! You must try this cheesecake,” Taylor wrote in the photo’s caption. “Biscoff cookie crust — Biscoff cookie butter cheesecake. Now at Costco in AZ, So Cal, Las Vegas, Utah.” However, on Jan. 4, San Francisco Bay Area ABC News reporter Matt Keller posted this delightful tidbit of information on Twitter:

And then on Jan. 15, the Snack Betch Instagram account posted yet another photo of the dessert along with the caption, “Two of my favorite things: Cookie Butter & Cheesecake. Found at Costco!” That’s the point at which the internet worked its wonderful, viral magic, and well… here we are.

Sweet Offerings isn’t the only one to have come up with a cookie butter cheesecake; Trader Joe’s famously began offering one featuring their in-house brand of Speculoos cookies in 2014, with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites following in 2015. Then again, given the long history of Speculoos cookies, this isn’t exactly surprising.

Originating in Belgium and the Netherlands, the sweetly spiced cookies were traditionally baked to celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day at the beginning of December. When it comes to the commercialized versions of the treat, one of the best-known brands, Lotus Bakery’s Biscoff cookies, dates back to 1932, when the Boone brothers opened their first bakery in Lembeke, Belgium. The brand began spreading throughout other parts of Europe in the ‘60s — and in the 1980s, a deal between the brand and an airline food broker resulted in Biscoff becoming an in-flight offering on airplanes in the United States.

During the ‘90s, the cookies were only available commercially in the United States via mail-order catalogues, although in 2000, they also became available for order online. Kroger and Walgreens became the first two mainstream U.S. retailers to carry Biscoff cookies in stores — and then in 2011, Biscoff Cookie Butter, which had been invented several years prior by a contestant on the Belgium TV show The Inventors, Els Scheppers, arrived in the United States.

And the rest, as they say, is sweet, delicious history.

Alas, Sweet Offerings' cookie butter cheesecake isn't available at every Costco in the country — just at a selection of them. But hey, at least the bake shop has taken the guesswork out of finding them; there’s a list on the Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake item page on the Sweet Offerings website that lists the addresses of every Costco that currently carries them. Plus, if your Costco does not currently stock the treat, there’s a link you can follow to submit a request for its inclusion at your nearest store.

Worst case scenario, you can always make one yourself; according to Delish, this right here is the best cookie butter cheesecake recipe ever. Seems like kind of a high bar to clear, but whatever — it's likely delicious all the same. Bon appetit!