Happy National Cheesecake Day! Here are 11 Sinful Recipes to Celebrate

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We’re sorry to do this to you. Really, we are. You’ve been so good this summer with your fresh, seasonal cherries and trendy grains, your coconut oil and gazpacho. Maybe you finally went on that green juice bender, just in time for bikini season. But now, we want you to throw it all out the window. It’s National Cheesecake Day, and we’re celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

Sure, you could try to make cheesecake healthy. You could throw together some Greek yogurt, sweeten it with applesauce, and pour it all on a saltine cracker crust — but that’s just sad. For the rest of us shameless foodies, we rounded up the most sinful ways to honor Cheesecake Day, from adorable cupcakes to a classic, New York-style slice. Whip up these recipes today and every day after — because cheesecake is always good for the soul.

Image: A Pastry Affair

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