A New Cotton Candy Wedding Bouquet Trend Is Blowing Up Instagram

by Brittany Bennett

Each year we're introduced to a new class of wedding trends. For 2019 we can expect a particularly delicious trend to take a turn down the aisle. Don't be appalled if your friends are gnawing at their bouquet. I'm not talking edible flowers — people are using cotton candy as wedding bouquets. And if you'd like to put me in your wedding party to carry a cotton candy bouquet down the aisle, I enthusiastically accept!

The latest trend direction at the altar doesn't mean your wedding has to be carnival themed. Cotton candy, it turns out, adds a touch of whimsy to a ceremony. There's no need for clowns to be around to justify the presence of the treat. Every trend needs a trendsetter, so who is behind the sugar rush?

Faheema Chaudhury, the owner and designer behind Unicorn Crafts, tells Delish, "I loooooove cotton candy and knew I had to make a cotton candy bouquet for my wedding."'s Sarah Weinberg spotted Chaudhury's genius bouquet flower to candy switch-up which led to a discovery of even more brides with bouquets of the fluffy treat. It's a good thing that cotton candy doesn't leave vibrant stains on white dresses. Because it looks like this sweet trend isn't going away anytime soon.

The bouquets are going beyond the bride and entire bridal parties are carrying cotton candy down the aisle. I can not emphasize the genius enough! Ceremonies can be long, so even if they're not short with cotton candy in hand they can still be sweet. A snack for bridesmaids? My offer still stands for brides needing to fill their wedding party out.

This isn't the first time food has made an appearance in a wedding ceremony before cocktail hour. In 2018, pizza bouquets made their debut. No, really, brides toted pizza in place of flowers thanks to Villa Italian Kitchen. And the edible bouquets don't stop at candy or pizza. Or even weddings for that matter. Bouquets full of food are suitable for a multitude of occasions.

One lucky girl was treated to a chicken nugget bouquet by her date because she wasn't into flowers. And one lucky man was proposed to by his girlfriend with a Doritos bouquet. A bouquet of chips! If food is the way to one's heart then these are relationships that are built to last. And who knows what kind of bouquets we'll be treated to next. For brides with an appetite, this opens a whole new can of bridal creativity.

Whether you're toting cotton candy, pizza, chicken nuggets, chips or whatever you stomach desires, carrying a bouquet of food is a sensible alternative to flowers. Besides a floral bouquet being expensive, it can also be an allergen. And true, while some people are also allergic to foods, carrying a bouquet of cotton candy down the aisle runs no risk of having you sneezing out your "I dos". Perhaps, when planning your wedding, it might be a good and ~trendy~ idea to skip the florist and head straight to the candy shop.