Mel B Thinks This HUGE Star Should Replace Victoria Beckham On The Spice Girls Tour

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The speculation concerning a potential Spice Girls reunion tour continues to mount: Mel B's saying it's on, Victoria Beckham's resolute she won't take part, and the hopes of every child of the '90s are raised then dashed then raised again. But here's a new and unexpected twist: could Katy Perry join the Spice Girls? Mel B talked about the possible tour on The Late Late Show with James Corden, as Metro reports — and she thinks Perry would be an excellent stand-in for a reluctant Beckham.

Firstly, here's some heartening news: when Corden asked Mel B about the Spice Girls reunion tour, she replied, "100 percent it's happening," adding, "We are going to be going on tour." But the Spice Girl was a little less unequivocal on who, exactly, would be taking part: "she gave a resounding yes for Mel C, Emma, and Geri," Metro says, but when it came to Victoria Beckham, she responded, "Well, we’ll see about that one."

Here's where Katy Perry comes in: fellow Late Late Show guest Olivia Munn suggested the Spice Girls take "celebrity guests" on the tour to replace Beckham — and it turned out Mel B was one step ahead of her. "Katy Perry would be good," she suggested. So could it really happen? Could Katy Perry borrow one of Posh Spice's little Gucci dresses?

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Let's assess what we know about the tour so far. In August, the Sun reported that a 13-date Spice Girls reunion tour was officially on the cards, "culminating with three nights at Wembley Stadium." A source told the paper, "After much to’ing and fro’ing, a deal has been signed, and an official announcement will be made soon," continuing, "The girls can’t wait to go back on tour, perform to the fans and sing some of their greatest hits." Here's the snag, though — according to the paper, Victoria Beckham won't be joining them, just as Mel B hinted. (And we're still waiting for that official announcement, too.)

Back in July, Mel B hinted at Posh Spice's reluctance, saying on Loose Women, "There’s one that’s being a bit difficult…but I’m hoping she’s going to get roped in." Posh, meanwhile, made it plain to Vogue in February that she wouldn't be participating, telling the magazine, "I'm not going on tour." Then again, she also said, "The girls aren't going on tour," and the latter statement's looking increasingly false. Could she still be persuaded?

And what about Katy Perry — would she be up for stepping into Beckham's vertiginous stilettos? Well, for a start, she's an obvious Spice Girls fan, tweeting some of their most enduring wisdom way back in 2012:

And in July 2013, she told Capital FM that she drew fashion inspiration from the iconic band, saying, "I'm basically taking a lot of my fashion cues from the Spice Girls." What's more, according to MTV, Perry wore Victoria Beckham's eponymous label to host SNL in 2011 — so there's a Posh/Perry connection, even if it's just a little tenuous.

I've reached out to representatives for both the Spice Girls and Katy Perry, but haven't yet heard back. Until more news is released, we'll just have to continue to speculate: will the California Girl meet Girl Power?