This Video Of Courteney Cox Recreating An Iconic 'Friends' Scene Is Pure Nostalgia Fuel

by Savannah Walsh
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the Friends lexicon of show terminology, there are a few words that mean one thing to the non-Friends viewing world, but carry an entirely different meaning for those in the know. Lobsters equal soulmates, phalanges are plane parts, and the phrase "Oh. My. God." said in just the right way can only mean danger ahead. This system applies best to the word "Pivot." Need evidence? Courteney Cox recreated the famed Friends "Pivot!" scene on her Instagram over the weekend.

In reality, the word means to rotate or turn and can be applied to an object or person. But in the Friends universe, the word conjures images of Ross, Rachel, and Chandler attempting to hoist an over-sized couch up the stairs to Ross' apartment. Cox delighted by sharing a video of her real-life friends moving a desk for her as she subjected them to shouts of "Pivot!" — once a Geller, always a Geller.

Cox played Monica on the NBC sitcom, which ran for 10 seasons. Though she wasn't technically in the original scene from Season 5, episode 16, her callback to the hilarious moment is epic. Hopes for a Friends reunion, reboot or sequel of any fashion have long been squashed, so we'll take an homage where we can get it. And as it turns out, this isn't Cox's first reference to her Friends days on the social media platform.

Cox only joined Instagram in January 2019, but so far her 'gram game is on point. She is giving us all of the content we desire, and even some we never knew we needed. Scrolling through her feed, Cox frequently posts throwback photos with former Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, and even revealed that her daughter Coco watches re-runs of the show. Look no further than Cox's profile photo on Instagram, a snap of her as Monica, for evidence that she is proud of her former sitcom.

But perhaps her most hilarious Friends post came when Cox filmed her boyfriend Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol and a friend moving a piece of furniture through the house. In the video, Cox can be heard jokingly yelling, "Pivot....PIVOT. Don't scratch the walls." She captioned the moment: "Just another Friday night #pivot." Spoiler alert: the table does find its way to a final destination, unlike Ross's couch, which ends up cut in half and back at the furniture store. One can only wonder if Cox's "pivot" shout out came organically or was planned with McDaid. No matter the motive, the video is causing fans to rewatch it over and over.

One can only assume that if Cox is inspired to recreate this iconic scene, others are sure to follow. Clearly, the appetite is there considering Netflix signed a reportedly hefty check to keep the series on its streaming service through 2019. Might we suggest Monica dancing with a Thanksgiving turkey on her head (though the logistics of that post might prove difficult). Or perhaps Matthew Perry could make a cameo for a Monica and Chandler update? On the heels of Cox's latest post, fans have reignited their Friends passions (as if it ever died out) and the word "pivot" will continue to live on in television history.