Crate & Barrel’s 2018 Holiday Decorations Are The Epitome Of Winter Elegance

Crate and Barrel

For reasons I cannot explain, I derive great joy from gazing adoringly at pictures of beautiful seasonal décor I will probably never actually get around to putting up in my own home. But hey, at least Crate and Barrel’s 2018 holiday decorations are good both for people like me and people who actually do get their butts in gear for seasonal décor, right? Because, I mean… look at these things. They are beautiful. Surely I am not alone when I say that I want them all, even if I will likely be too lazy to actually put in an order for them, right? Right.

As was the case with Crate and Barrel’s Halloween décor, its winter holiday options tend to be a little pricier than, say, Target’s tend to be; even so, a lot of the picks available remain at least somewhat accessible — like these adorable, tree-shaped tea candles, for example. What’s more, even the pieces that are closer to mid-range can be thought of as investment pieces — things you’ll use year after year. All of them are timelessly elegant, as well as frequently whimsical, so if you’ve been dreaming of a winter wonderland blowing out of the north and taking over your home, you can definitely make that happen.

Here are 20 particularly pretty picks for this year:

1. LED Ceramic Trees

2. Gold Glitter Leaf Garland

3. Brass Reindeer

4. Snowflake Candle Holder

5. Hanukkah Platter

6. Reindeer Place Card Holder

7. Up To Snow Good Mug

8. Festive Wine Glasses

9. Holiday Nesting Bowls

10. Tree Ramekins

11. Blue Ombre Menorah Candles

12. Winter Skating Dish Towel

13. Ornament Garland Cookie Jar

14. Winter White Mercury Glass Candle

15. Hanukkah Candles Napkin Ring

16. Cranberry And Nutmeg Candle

17. Flocked Sugar Pine Cones

The best part is, these picks are all just a small — small! — selection of the various holiday décor options Crate and Barrel has on offer this season. Head here for more. Happy decorating!