Crate And Barrel’s Halloween Decorations For 2018 Are Sophisticated Goth Goals

Crate And Barrel

I just moved into the first actual house I have lived in since I was a teenager — not an apartment! A house! — and I’m not sure whether it’s just because I’m still in the “new house honeymoon phase” or what, but I have recently been seized by the overwhelming urge to decorate for every holiday ever. Naturally, then, you can imagine what seeing Crate and Barrel’s Halloween decorations for 2018 did to me. Hint: It involved a lot of willpower and making sure I kept my wallet hidden very, very far out of sight.

Crate and Barrel tends to operate at a higher price point than, say, Target does, so their collection isn’t quite as affordable as some of the Halloween collections from other retailers which have made similar waves this fall. If you’re up for a splurge, though, Crate and Barrel’s picks are spookily elegant — and there are some pieces scattered throughout the collection which won’t break the bank, too. If you’re a candle person, for example, you’re in luck — there are tons of beautiful and delightfully-scented picks for you here.

October is a mere week and a half away, so if you’re planning on decorating for the best holiday on the entire calendar, now would be a good time to finish up your plans. Here are some of my favorite picks from Crate and Barrel’s Halloween collection to help you along; check out the rest here.

1. Cauldron Bowls

Cauldron Bowls

Crate and Barrel

Available in three sizes — a mini cauldron ($3.95), and individual-sized cauldron I would dearly love to eat cereal out of in the morning ($5.95), and a large serving cauldron ($29.95) — these bowls are perfect for all your boiling and bubbling needs.

2. Mulberry Wine-Scented Pillar Candle

Mulberry Wine-Scented Pillar Candles

Crate and Barrel

Sick of pumpkin spice? Give mulberry wine a try. (But there’s also a set of pumpkin spice candles if you really can’t let go of your latte, too.) They start at $5.95 for the smallest size.

3. Spiderweb Dish Towels

Spiderweb Dish Towels

Crate and Barrel

I appreciate how subtle this set of two is. If you’re not really looking, you might not even notice the spider motif… but it’s there anyway. Lurking. Waiting for its moment to strike.

4. Halloween Twinkle Lights

Halloween Twinkle Lights

Crate and Barrel

This strand of lights is actually battery-operated, so hey, bonus points for not needing a nearby outlet in order to work!

5. Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Crate and Barrel

Is this not the teeniest, tiniest, absolutely cutest little pumpkin you ever did see?

6. Orb Lanterns

Orb Lanterns

Crate and Barrel

Alas, I am not at a point yet where I feel I can purchase pumpkin-shaped lanterns for $50 and up and still consider myself a responsible adult. (Pumpkin-shaped lanterns will not pay my bills, after all.) If I ever reach that point, though, you’d better believe I’m getting myself a set of these.

7. Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns

Crate and Barrel

Same goes for these, which start at $39.95 for the smallest size. They are literal Jack-o-lanterns and I love them.

8. Spiderweb Salad Plate

Spiderweb Salad Plate

Crate and Barrel

Not going to lie: I kind of wonder what it might be like to just have these spiderweb-adorned stoneware plates as your everyday tableware. Awkward when entertaining in, say, July, perhaps… but also possibly extremely funny. (I have a weird sense of humor.)

9. Hallows Vase

Hallows Vase

Crate and Barrel

OK, but, like… just hallows? Or deathly hallows?

10. Black Mauve Poppy Stem

Black Mauve Poppy Stem

Crate and Barrel

You’ll need something to put in your Hallows Vase, of course, whether or not there’s anything deathly involved.

11. Spiderweb Embroidered Table Runner

Spiderweb Embroidered Table Runner

Crate and Barrel

I have never before wanted to own a table runner in my life. BUT I WANT ONE NOW.

12. Ivory Pumpkin Candles

Ivory Pumpkin Candles

Crate and Barrel

These candles are too pretty to burn. Ugh. The smallest size starts at $12.95.

13. White Birch Flameless Pillar Candles

White Birch Flameless Pillar Candles

Crate and Barrel

Also very pretty, but not actually something you have to light on fire to enjoy! Hoorah! The smallest size is $39.95; larger ones have steeper price tags.

14. Pumpkin Serving Bowls With Lids

Pumpkin Serving Bowls With Lids

Crate and Barrel

The beauty of these stoneware serving bowls is that they’re good for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The smaller size is $9.95, while the large one is $29.95.

15. LED Spiderwebs

LED Spiderwebs

Crate and Barrel

Alas, unlike the Twinkle Lights, these ones aren’t battery-powered; at least the cord is six feet long, though, which should be enough to enable you to live your dream of decorating any wall you please with an enormous, light-up spiderweb. The smaller size starts at $29.95.

16. Spooky Black Trees

Spooky Black Trees

Crate and Barrel

I’m not sure what I love more: The Spooky Black Trees themselves, or the fact that they’re called “Spooky Black Trees.” They start at $69.95 for the small one.

17. Web Small Halloween Luminary Bag

Web Small Halloween Luminary Bag

Crate and Barrel

Note: This luminary is not a paper bag; it’s actually made of iron and shaped to LOOK like a paper bag. Very important distinction. Also, it is awesome.

18. Halloween BOO Letters

Halloween BOO Letters

Crate and Barrel

Just, y’know, in case your mantle is in need of a casual haunting.

19. Skull Candle

Skull Candle

Crate and Barrel

This Halloween, say it with a skull.

Check out the full collection over at Crate and Barrel’s website — and check out their Halloween table and party ideas while you’re at it. They’ll definitely set you up for the sophisticated Halloween ever. Heck, and yes.