'Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy' Netflix Stand-Up Special Trailer Is Too Good To Miss — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Jan. 1, Netflix said, "New year new me," cracked its knuckles, and bid a bunch of titles farewell. As sad as it can be to see certain movies and TV shows pack up their bags and leave the Netflix Inn, there is a silver lining: every month, the streaming service opens its arms and welcomes a brand new batch of watchables to its library. It makes room for the newbies. It is the Neflix circle of life. And this month’s fresh programs include a stand-up special from comic/actress/writer Cristela Alonzo. Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy will premiere Netflix on Jan. 24, and judging from the trailer, it will be an important and hilarious addition to the streaming service’s library.

In the preview for her debut Netflix special, Alonzo talks about being the daughter of an immigrant, what she wants to do to the glass ceiling, her vivid New Kids on the Block daydream, and her foolproof strategy for getting into nightclubs. Without giving too much else away, a really stellar NKOTB-esque dance move happens as well. OK, that is enough of my rambling; I am not doing Alonzo’s jokes justice. (And I really cannot do that NKOTB move justice.) Here is the trailer for Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy: