Cult Beauty's New Female Sexual Wellness Category Is Here To Empower & De-Stigmatise

Sergey Filimonov / Stocksy

If you're into beauty, there's no doubt in my mind that Cult Beauty will be one of your favourite websites pretty much ever. And not only does the retailer have an extensive list of top beauty brands, they're also pretty forward thinking and innovative. Case in point: Cult Beauty is launching a Female Sexual Wellness Category; which the brand says is the first of its kind in the UK. Designed to end the stigma surrounding sexual wellness and raise some money for an important cause, #Vulvalution is the ultimate cause to get behind in 2019.

Launching today on International Women's Day, Cult Beauty's new section is dedicated to female sexual pleasure and wellness. It will feature everything from pH-balanced lubricants to pelvic floor trainers and sex tech by way of libido-enhancing ingestibles. Essentially, the category will be a sex positive outlet to shop for everything your vagina desires.

But that's not all this new initiative will be; as well as new product launches and a new way to shop, #Vulvalution will also see content hit the retailer's site which will attempt to de-mystify and de-stigmatise issues relating to our vaginas and intimate health. This is set to include 'self-love' tips from how to take care of your vagina to interviews with leading experts and brand founders.

The brand is hoping to get people talking, empower women, and remove the taboo related to discussing our vaginas which exists in the media and in wider society. It also aims to stop any embarrassment relating to understanding the female anatomy and any symptoms women may be experiencing.

"On a mission to trigger some vagina dialogues, the #VULVALUTION aims to raise awareness, provide education and empower women to feel more ‘in tune’ with their gynaecological health and their sexual pleasure," a statement read.

What's more, Cult Beauty is also partnering with charity The Lady Garden Foundation, a charity raising awareness and funding essential research into gynaecological cancers (there are FIVE: ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulval and womb). A percentage of proceeds from the retailer's new sexual wellness category will go towards helping The Lady Garden Foundation and funding their important work.

In a statement Alexia Inge, Cult Beauty's Co-Founder said of the new initiative: "The last two years have been a time of great social upheaval and awakening. Women are shedding the constrictive chrysalis of patriarchal diktats; they are starting to own their own sexual health and fulfilment and search for solutions and guidance that don't come from the NHS, porn sites or sex shops. From menstruation to masturbation, female wellness and intimate health now exist under beauty's umbrella."

She continued: "About more than just products, we're aiming to normalise commonplace issues and trigger more open discussion - to help close the 'orgasm gap' and prevent inhibition from hindering health and our sexual gratification."

I, for one, think this is an amazing step for stripping any stigma relating to intimate health and sexual wellness. You can check out the new category and read more about #Vulvalution on Cult Beauty's website.