Calling All Mirandas: Cynthia Nixon Just Dropped A New Line Of 'SATC' Campaign Merch

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Are you a Miranda voting for Cynthia?" This is the question that Cynthia Nixon is posing to voters. It has been 20 years since Sex and the City first premiered, and to celebrate the occasion, New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon launched a merchandise line paying tribute to Miranda Hobbes, Nixon's most famous role.

In a tribute to her Sex and the City character, Nixon teamed up with the well-known fan account @everyoutfitonsatc to release a limited-run line of themed hats, tote bags, and shirts. Some of the merchandise items pay homage to all the Mirandas out there who are voting for Cynthia, while others replace "I'm a Miranda" with "I'm a future governor of New York."

Nixon announced back in March that she would be challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic gubernatorial primaries, and she has already had to deal with criticism from a top Cuomo ally, New York politician Christine Quinn. Quinn dismissed Nixon as an "unqualified lesbian" — and Nixon responded by releasing "unqualified lesbian" campaign merchandise.

According to Harper's Bazaar, Nixon is running for governor as a progressive who won't be "bought or paid for" by any corporate donations. The Nation, in its endorsement of Nixon, pointed out that Cuomo's $30 million in campaign funds barely consists of money from small donors. Moreover, Nixon has lived in New York her entire life, and has told the state's voters that she will therefore be able to better represent them.

"New York is my home," Nixon said in a campaign video. "New York is where I was raised and where I'm raising my kids. I'm a proud public school graduate and a proud public school parent."

According to her campaign website, Nixon's platform focuses on issues like marijuana legalization, climate justice, tenants' rights, and subway repairs. Nixon also launched a #FixOurSubway campaign to repair what she described as "the lifeblood of our city," and pointed out that she rides the subway every day — while Cuomo does not, she claimed. Her rent platform, meanwhile, aims to "fix the broken rent stabilization laws" and protect New Yorkers from evictions and rapidly rising rents.

Although Nixon has no prior experience in elected office, she has spent nearly two decades advocating for a better education system and LGBTQ rights. Shortly after announcing her gubernatorial bid, Nixon told Glamour that she would also prioritize racial and economic justice, and that she's been fighting for public school funding and reproductive high school access for a long time.

Nixon has also made appeals to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, arguing that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign highlighted what Democrats needed to change. In her interview with Glamour earlier this year, Nixon said that "a real Democrat" — such as herself — would not lower taxes on the wealthy, but instead would fight for a living minimum wage.

And although she told Glamour that she doesn't want her celebrity to distract from the issues on which she's campaigning, Nixon also hasn't shied away from the comparisons Sex and the City fans make between her and her character. Her new merchandise line isn't just a tribute to the show's 20th anniversary; it's also an acknowledgement that she and Miranda grew and changed together over the years.

It's a good thing, too, that Nixon doesn't mind the constant Sex and the City references surrounding her campaign, because they are everywhere. In fact, Cuomo was even asked to name his favorite Sex and the City character after Nixon announced her gubernatorial bid; he declined, saying that he didn't have one.