Mellie Could Still Be President On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico
Eric McCandless/ABC

The wait for Scandal to return for Season 6 seemed to take forever, but last week's premiere made that wait more than worth it. Now that the presidential election is over, and the show's president-elect Frankie Vargas was shot and killed, it's up in the air who will be in the Oval Office next: Cyrus or Mellie. In a totally surprising move, Cyrus offered Mellie the role of Vice President, but she's definitely not planning on taking a backseat to anyone else when she still has the opportunity to run the free world.

It all started when Fitz — who's technically supposed to be making this decision himself, but whatever — called Mellie and Cyrus into a meeting, forcing them to work this out amongst themselves. Being that these two are not exactly people I'd consider good at compromising, it was obvious things were about to get interesting, and they definitely did as soon as Cyrus' offer came along. Maybe someone else would take him up on that, but not Mellie. She was there to be the president, and she wasn't about to take a backseat to Cyrus or anyone else.

So then, Cyrus played hardball. According to him, it was Olivia behind Frankie's death, and she was just trying to throw her off by pointing fingers at Cyrus. Um, what?!

And then, of course, there's the budding relationship between Mellie and Marcus. Will it ruin her chances of happiness with him if she becomes president and her love life is scrutinized by the entire country? Unfortunately, she never got the chance to find out, because she broke things off with him after he found out he was offered the job of White House press secretary and she's convinced he used her to get there. Will this woman ever get a happy ending?!

But in the end, it's probably a good thing that Mellie decided against that vice presidency. It's looking more and more likely that Cyrus is responsible for Frankie's death, after all.

Guys, President Mellie could still happen, and I am here for it. I can't wait to see what happens next... and hopefully, it involves our girl getting inaugurated.