You Can Get This Glorious "Cupfection" Stuffed With Brownies & Oreos At Dairy Queen

by Brittany Bennett
Dairy Queen

There are few things Oreos don't pair well with. I'd argue that broccoli wouldn't compliment the vanilla creme snack well, but anything else is fair game. Thankfully, Dairy Queen knows this and has figured out how to highlight everyone's favorite cookie. Prepare yourself upon your next ice cream run because Dairy Queen's new Brownie and Oreo Cupfection is actually perfection and your standards for soft serve just leveled up.

The ice cream and dessert palace that we know and love as Dairy Queen is constantly churning out drool worthy concoctions. We're treated to its Blizzards of the Month every 30 days, and it is constantly upping the last. Accordingly, this month's featured Blizzard is the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard. But what's more of a treat than the Blizzard is Dairy Queen's extensive use of the Oreo cookie for this month, and thankfully for the foreseeable future.

I hope you didn't doubt that perfection fits into a cup because the Brownie and Oreo Cupfection is here to prove that it, in fact, does. The latest treat from DQ combines vanilla soft serve with triple chocolate brownie, rich chocolate sauce, and marshmallows, which all exist under a crown of Oreo cookie crumbles. Take a moment to digest this information. And then promptly rush to the nearest DQ to experience blissful spoonful after spoonful. The Brownie and Oreo Cupfection comes in one cup size and is available now.

If Oreos aren't your jam, perhaps berries are. The Cupfection invasion isn't limited to the decadent chocolate blast that is the Brownie and Oreo Cupfection. Also new to the DQ menu is the Summer Berry Cake Cupfection. This trifle like concoction is fit for a cup and includes that classic DQ creamy vanilla soft serve, layers of vanilla cake, a symphony of berries including raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. It's all finished with "choco chunks" and whipped topping. There's a lot going on here and I am showing up for it all.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is bringing it's all for summer 2019. Earlier in spring, the most royal dessert spot debuted a Dreamsicle dipped soft serve cone that made waves through the dessert community. The sherbert-like shell envelopes vanilla soft serve for a perfect cone and reminded us all of why we bow down to Dairy Queen.

In addition to the original classics and new classics on the menu at DQ, there is a flurry of other flavors to go through summer with. Strike up a romance with the Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard that blends raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and cheesecake bits with vanilla soft serve. Evoke summer carnival memories with the Cotton Candy Blizzard that blends cotton candy sprinkles with vanilla soft serve for a magically pink treat. Only at Dairy Queen can there be a welcomed blizzard in the middle of summer.

If it's perfection that you're looking to dig into, dip your spoon into the new Brownie and Oreo Cupfection. With layers of creamy soft serve ice cream, silky chocolate sauce and crumbled bits of Oreo cookies, this treat is truly flawless and ready for you to pick it up at your nearest Dairy Queen location now.