These Danielle M. & Wells Relationship Updates Prove That There's Still Hope For Them After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Nicole Pomarico
Bob D'Amico/ABC

Wells Adams might not have technically been a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but fans were thrilled to see him take over for Jorge as the official bartender for the contestants — and so were the contestants themselves, especially one in particular. Considering the fact that Wells and Danielle M. had history prior to this season of BiP, it wasn't exactly shocking that, when she chose to leave the show, he made sure they had a steamy make out session to say goodbye. So are they dating now or not? Wells and Danielle didn't get an update on Bachelor in Paradise, so there wasn't any way of knowing where they stood post-show.

In BiP's defense, there was a lot of ground to cover on the after show, but after noticing that both Wells and Danielle were in attendance that night, it seemed inevitable that we'd at least get some kind of mention about their chemistry, right? Wrong. Nothing.

Even though the after show did cover the other relationships from this season — both dead and alive — what may or may not be going on between Danielle and Wells wasn't even a topic of discussion. And as far as fans could tell, they didn't even share a glance while she was on stage and Wells was on the audience.

Fans definitely noticed, though, and they're not happy — at least, according to Twitter on Monday night.

When Danielle decided to leave paradise in favor of a job opportunity in Kenya, Wells couldn't let her leave without a kiss goodbye that turned into a pretty steamy (albeit short) make out session... you know, after a speech about how she was literally the best person he'd ever met.

The kiss took her by such surprise, but in the limo ride out of there, she did mention that it was something she wanted to discuss with him when she got back from her adventure in Africa. But since then, although they've appeared on each other's social media, it was unclear whether they're just friends or something more.

If anyone was going to get that information out of them, it was going to be Chris Harrison, but unfortunately, that opportunity was missed. But, fortunately the pair has spilled some details to the media, so we do have some idea of where they stand. In an interview with Glamour, Wells revealed that "there’s definitely hope for [them]," but that fans have to chill out a little bit. Real life doesn't move as fast as TV makes it seem. "I understand everyone wants us to be a thing and that’s wonderful and beautiful, but if it’s going to happen, it needs to happen because we come together, not because everyone else is shipping us so hard on Twitter," he said.

As for Danielle M., she told Bustle's Bachelor Nation podcast, Will You Accept This Podcast?, pretty much the same thing:

"All the media attention has been, it’s, like, everyone wants it so bad that we haven’t had a second to really be like, ‘Is this something we really want to do?’ We have a very tight-knit friend group at home too and we just don’t wanna make waves. If something is going to happen, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna grow organically."

According to that kiss, there's definitely chemistry there... and who could argue that they'd make a really gorgeous couple? After all the heartbreak that happened this season, BiP could use another happy ending to add to the list... but we'll just have to wait patiently to see what happens.