Danny Dyer & Jack Are FINALLY Meeting IRL And Their Plans Sound So Spot On

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It doesn’t matter who you are, meeting the in-laws is always daunting. Do you bring a bottle of wine? What do you even wear? So, I can't help but feel sorry for Love Island's Jack Fincham. On Wednesday, Danny Dyer and Jack Fincham will meet in person for the first time ever, and although they've been introduced via video link before, the reality show star has got to be feeling a little nervous.

Sure, Danny seems like a lovely bloke but personally, there is no way that I wouldn’t be completely terrified meeting him for the first time. It is abundantly clear how much family means to his daughter, Dani Dyer, so the pressure really is on Jack to make a good first impression.

But if his nerves are getting to him, Jack showed no signs of it during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday. In fact, he seemed pretty calm about the whole situation. Revealing what they have planned for their first ever meeting, he said: "It's Dani's birthday tomorrow so we're going out for something to eat as a family which will be lovely. I’ve met the rest of the family and all her friends, it’s just them two (Dani’s parents). I'm looking forward to it, it'll be fun, I like meeting new people anyway."

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Seriously, how cute does that sound?

The reason Jack hasn’t met Danny Senior yet is because the Dyer clan have been living it up in Orlando on a family holiday (minus Dani), meaning they actually missed the Love Island final. In fact, they only got back to the UK a couple of days ago. However, upon their return, it looks like Jack has well and truly been welcomed into the family.

Whilst I am sure he treated himself whilst he was away, Danny also picked up a few bits for Jack too. Dani took to Instagram to reveal what goodies her dad had brought home for her new boyfriend. Underneath a picture of a Magic 00 basketball jersey and an adorable Mickey Mouse keyringshe wrote: "Your new presents from me mother and pop @jack_charlesf welcome to the family."

While they are yet to meet in person, Jack revealed on Love Island: The Reunion that he is already contact with Dani's dad, Danny. It turns out, they've already exchanged numbers and have been messaging one another. "Yeah I've been texting him, he told me he likes me," Jack told presenter Caroline Flack.

And here we all were thinking Danny was a tough cookie.

Opening up about what's next for her and Jack, Dani said on Good Morning Britain that her father wants to “guide” their relationship now they are out of the villa. When Jack was asked what he thought that might involve, he laughed and said: "I think he means more guiding me in sort of what life is going to be like now. Hopefully it's in that way as it's all so new to me and he's in that industry."

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So while Tuesday may be their first meeting, it sounds like Jack will be just fine when he shakes hands with Danny for the first time. Perhaps he could even wear his new basketball jersey for extra brownie points.

If only I was a fly on the wall to witness what will certainly be a hilarious first meeting and birthday meal. All I can say is watch out Dani, you might be pushed out of first position as Jacks favourite Dyer at this rate.