This ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Season Suffers From A Lack Of Daveed Diggs, But Perry Could Still Return

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

A show like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt counts its guest stars among its most entertaining aspects — the Netflix series has featured everyone from Andrea Martin to Jon Hamm. Now in Season 4, the show has plenty more tricks up its sleeve. Unfortunately, there’s one face from Season 3 that you won’t see in Season 4 — at least the first half. Hamilton star Daveed Diggs will not be in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4. I know, I know — get your tears out now.

Diggs starred in Season 3 as Perry, another older-than-average college student (just like Kimmy!). He and Kimmy met in the second episode of Season 3, when Kimmy was touring prospective community colleges. They seemed to hit it off, but things didn’t really start swinging until they saw each other at Columbia. Perry was putting himself through the Ivy League institution, and he was pretty put off by the fact that Kimmy instantly got a scholarship for rowing crew and didn’t have to work nearly as much as he had to get in. Flashforward to Perry giving Kimmy a chance and them hanging out… and Perry admitting to Kimmy that he’s also going to divinity school to be a reverend. “Reverend” is a trigger word for Kimmy, given her past with the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, and that’s that. Eventually, Kimmy explains her reaction, Perry forgives her, and then he admits that he knows all about her past. The season ends on a happy note for these two, but who knows what the future will bring?

Eric Liebowitz/ Netflix

Well, the future will not bring Perry and Kimmy together, it seems, because Kimmy is really focused on her new job. At the end of Season 3, she was offered a job at a new start up, and as the trailer for Season 4 shows, she is a real career woman now, complete with office talk and robot co-workers.

Although to have Perry hanging around with Kimmy some more would have been wonderful, it will be nice to see Kimmy have a career and deal with all of the new and different situations that arise from it. We’ve seen Kimmy interact with a few men, and none of those relationships have worked out. For Kimmy to make her way in a new job environment would be a nice change of pace for her — she’s never had a traditional office job. She’s been a personal assistant, a TaskRabbit, a student, and now, she’s in charge of the people at a brand-new start up. It’s fresh for Kimmy, and she usually handles new opportunities with hilarity and aplomb. This new role will also be a chance for her to grow up some more.

And as for Diggs, he’s busy with other projects right now. His new movie Blindspotting comes out July 20, so he’s off doing promotional work with that. He is, as he says on his Twitter, trying to get the movie “everywhere,” so it’s quite an undertaking.

Diggs is also recurring on black-ish and starring as Layton Well in the television adaptation of Snowpiercer, so he has stuff going on. As disappointed as fans will be, he probably didn’t have time to return as Perry on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. According to Deadline, Season 4 will be the show's last, but only half of it is premiering on Netflix on May 30. Six episodes will drop at a later date, and Variety reports that a movie finale of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may be in the works too. So while Diggs isn't listed as a cast member for the first six episodes of this season, there's a chance Perry may show up again before the comedy comes to an end.